Strawberry Finch

Are you a bird lover? Do you love to play with pets? Do you like to hear the birdsongs? Do you need a friendly bird? If yes, strawberry finch is the best choice for you. This fascinating bird can attract the attention of anyone. You can fall in love after seeing strawberry Finch at your … Read more

What is the Size of the Bald Eagle and its Characteristics?

Although many people admire this large bird, some do not know what is the size of the bald eagle. Find out here how big an eagle is and much more. I recommend our article scientific name of the bald eagle national bird of the United States, to complement this of the favorite animals of … Read more

Stork: Characteristics, Habitat, Migration, Feeding and more

The stork , its scientific name is Ciconia ciconia, belonging to the family Ciconiidae, also called common stork . It is characterized by its large size and has a black and white wing plumage, and obtains a red color on the legs and beak of adults. The features of this bird are similar to those … Read more

White Grouse: Description, Feeding, Breeding and more

The white cock is an interesting breed product of several crosses of roosters of different breeds, such as the white rooster or different breeds of fighting cocks. For this reason, it is important to know the characteristics of the white cock, and it is important to take into account that, as far as its breeding … Read more

Great Kiskadee: Characteristics, feeding, captivity and more.

The Great Kiskadee is a bird whose scientific name is Pitangus sulphuratus , belongs to the family tyrannidae being a species of passerine bird.  It is a bird with a high-pitched cry, native of America and it is from this city where it leaves and is distributed throughout the continent starting in the southern United … Read more