Communication And Social Behavior In Cockatiels

In the past five years, as I have continued to increase my knowledge about birds, and have become enriched by my contacts with other aviculturists, I have become fascinated with a subject which has rarely been addressed in the literature. That subject concerns how and why birds behave the way they do, and the ways … Read more

What Can Go Wrong When Breeding Cockatiels?

You may be thinking “Breeding is natural isn’t it?”. Or maybe one of your question would be, “What can possibly go wrong?”. I’m here to tell you, if you can think of it going wrong, it’s most likely a potential problem. Breeding cockatiels is often very simple but sometimes it just doesn’t succeed. Some things … Read more

Cockatiel Breeding Basics

Breeding is not a decision to be made lightly. If you haven’t read the article about deciding whether you should breed yet please do, otherwise, read on. Cockatiel breeding is not especially difficult but it will require time, commitment, and thought. First of all you need a pair of suitable birds, a male and a … Read more

Preparing to Breed

The first thing that a breeder must have accomplished before attempting to breed is to have healthy, well exercised stock that has been fed a nutritionally balanced diet. Depending n the size of your breeding operation, it would be advisable to select a few breeders and have them checked by a good avian vet. Cultures, … Read more

Are Your Birds Bored?

I receive lots of calls and visits from pet bird owners. All of them with the same question, “My sweet bird is beginning to pluck feathers. What do I do?” The first thing I ask them is, “Have you had them examined by your avian veterinarian?” Most of the time, the answer is, “NO.” whenever … Read more