Albino Goldfinch: Everything you should know about these birds.

In this article we offer information about this unique bird as is the albino goldfinch or also called white goldfinch, over time there have been several mutations of this species and this is the result of one of them, the goldfinch is a bird that can become more than a pet, a companion.

This species has as main characteristic a beautiful and melodious song that delights the ear of those who have the privilege of listening to them, usually the song of the common goldfinch is characterized by soft and lively chirps, when they are in mating season the male exercises his song with much more energy, all in order to attract the attention of the female, they are excellent at adapting to captivity.

Albino goldfinch explanation of its white color

Let’s start by understanding what albinism means. it is a heterogeneous genetic disorder, which is caused by the mutation of different genes, and what happens is that the melanic pigment is reduced or there is a total absence and it affects the eyes, skin and hair. this phenomenon can occur both in humans but also in animals.

Two types of albinism.

There are two types of albinism the oculocutaneous and complete albinism, the first is related to the hypopigmentation of the skin, hair and eyesight, resulting in whiter hair, lighter skin and visual reduction this happens with humans but the same happens with animals, the complete albinism occurs when there is a total absence of melanin and is when it becomes totally white hence the term albino.

So the albino goldfinch is the product of a congenital and hereditary abnormality, which is usually characterized by having white skin, white feathers and red eyes, in the case of this specimen are absent both eumelanin and pheomelanin resulting in the white color of the bird. The wing bars and the red mask on the face of this species will remain yellow, these two colors will not be affected.

In summary this bird in white, has a kind of red mask on his face, in the wings has a yellow tone and some spots of the same color that has on the chest, there is no sexual dimorphism as both the male and female are the same. Like the common goldfinch, this bird adapts very well to captivity and is excellent as a pet.


The albino goldfinch like other species such as the yellow goldfinch feeds on seeds, let’s say that this food is the one that predominates in the daily diet of these birds, also its small but strong beak that has edge on both sides allows them and serves as a great help in the search and subsequent consumption of this staple food for them. In addition to being a great consumer of seeds, they complement their diet with insects, in fact when they are in the breeding period most of this species feed their young mainly with insects.

When this bird is in captivity the food should be varied so that this bird is always in excellent health, always provide fruits, some vegetables or some commercially prepared feed for these birds that already include minerals and nutrients necessary for the proper development of the bird.

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Generally goldfinches do not reproduce more than twice a year, the second laying is always followed by the first which will be approximately in March, the male performs a courtship to attract the attention of the female, this accepts and mating occurs and subsequent construction of the nest to be made in the branches of the highest trees with branches that seek between the two but clarifying that the responsible for the construction of the nest is the female, she lays a maximum of 6 eggs that will have a white coloration.

Incubation is done by the female, although many times it is the male who is in charge while she builds a second nest. This process lasts at least 13 days and during this time the male is in charge of feeding the female, the eggs hatch and the care of the chicks will be in charge of both of them, after 15 days they will be ready to leave the nest and be independent. Here is a video of an albino goldfinch.

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