What is the Size of the Bald Eagle and its Characteristics?

Although many people admire this large bird, some do not know what is the size of the bald eagle. Find out here how big an eagle is and much more.

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I recommend our article scientific name of the bald eagle national bird of the United States, to complement this reading.one of the favorite animals of people, without a doubt, are birds.perhaps because of the freedom they show by being able to fly, and move wherever they want. Since ancient times, man has tried to emulate their characteristic flight, without success, because although great inventions have been created to fly and move in the air from one place to another, no one has been able to fly freely as do the birds in the sky.

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Few people know what is the size of the bald eagle, despite being the favorite of many people, and this bird enjoys a lot of publicity, being the national bird of the United States of America. But despite so much publicity, very few people know what is the size of the bald eagle.Discover a parrot training exclusive for your beautiful pet, in this link.

Haliaeetus leucocephalus

Better known as the bald eagle or American eagle, it is recognized by its tail and head full of white feathers.This is the proud national symbol bird of the United States of America.Although it was on the verge of disappearing, today it is a state protected bird.Years ago, Americans hunted eagles for fun, because back then it was a sport.Falconry continues to be a sport practiced today, with the exception, that eagles are not included among the prey.

Cual es el tamaño del aguila calva-4They were also killed, because they were strong predators of fish, and the locals had a lot of competition with it.For this reason they began to use chemical pesticides on fish, to combat the eagles.This did not kill them immediately, but made them sick, causing their egg shells to be not strong.

When no more eaglets were able to hatch, they slowly became extinct.But realizing the crass mistake they had made, the use of chemicals on fish was banned.A program was even created to protect the wildlife of this and other birds.Today, this species has grown to great size, and remains protected by the government of this country.

What is the size of the bald eagle

This beautiful bird of great wingspan, besides being the national bird of its country, is also the symbol of freedom for many of its citizens.The bald eagle is the second largest bird in North America, being surpassed by the Californian Condor.This name comes from the particularity of the head of the eagle , since it is covered with white feathers.This was what produced that they called it that way, since its feathers are brown.

When flying overhead, it looked as if it had no feathers on its head.

Both sexes of the bald eagle are identical in the color of their plumage .

But when they are young, before sexual maturity, their color is completely brown.

One of the characteristics of the bald eagle is its beak. The bald eagle’s beak is large and yellow, as are its legs and the iris of its eyes.

This majestic bird has a rounded tail and long wings, which can reach two meters in length.

The female of this species is significantly larger than the male.

It has a wingspan of 2.3 meters, the What is the size of the female bald eagle .

While males reach a size of 1,8 meters.

Regarding how much does an eagle weigh , the weight of the bald eagle can range from three to six and a half kilos.

This large bird can live from twenty to thirty years in the wild.

Although there have been documented cases of eagles that lived up to fifty years.

When they live in captivity, their longevity increases to sixty years or more.

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Distribution and habitat of the bald eagle

They are found mainly in the north of America, specifically in Alaska, Canada, the United States, and northern Mexico.

Cual es el tamaño del aguila calva-2Although they have also been seen in Puerto Rico, Bermuda, Belize, Ireland, and the Virgin Islands.

The bald eagle resides near lakes, coasts, rivers, tundras, and wet meadows.

It can also live in forests and mountains, where food is available.

It prefers tall trees, and avoids any place with signs of human activity.

By mistake, the bald eagle does not approach cities or populated areas.

Reproduction of the bald eagle

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This bird can be said to marry its mate.

It has a monogamous condition, so it mates with only one partner for the rest of its life.

They will only look for another mate if this one should die or disappear.

The male makes use of his majestic flight to woo the female.

He performs somersaults, chases and other maneuvers until he manages to impress her and unite with her.

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Generally, both build their nest, which can be on a cliff, or in a tree or bush.

Their nests can measure four meters high and two and a half meters wide.

Normally, they are close to a body of water, where the female can lay from one to three eggs.

The incubation period lasts approximately thirty-five days.

After hatching, the eaglets remain with their parents for between two and six months.

Both are responsible for providing food for the eaglets.

At first the eaglets are usually ugly and brown, but when they reach maturity, their heads and tails whiten.

It can take three to five years for the eaglets to take on the beautiful appearance of their progenitors.

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