Bird Diapers

The time has gone when historical figures and wealthy people kept birds. Now every person who loves birds prefers to keep them as pets in their homes.

With the increasing number of bird lovers, the breeders also tend to breed different birds through various breeding techniques. Many companies have also started their business to sell birds and their essential accessories.

These accessories are gaining much popularity among aviculturists. Cages, food bowls, water dishes, and nest boxes, seeds, crackers, and cuttlebone, interactive toys, leg bands, and clothes are the names of top goods for birds.

bird diapers

Do you know one more special thing that made by birds to sell? It is bird diapers. Yes, you read correctly. Many aviculture brands like Amazon, Aliexpress, and eBay sell diapers for birds and get colossal revenue.

Let us take a detailed overview of bird diapers.

What is the purpose of bird diapers?

propouseDo you notice that why most people tend to keep cats and dogs with themselves instead of birds? The answer to this question that dogs go outside to extract solid garbage of themselves while cats keep themselves clean by taking off their waste in the dust bin. It can be possible because their masters provide proper training to them and learn the exact method.

On the other hand, very few people do not keep pets even they love them a lot. The reason behind it is that birds are unable to follow training lessons regarding their cleanliness. They poop everywhere that caused a stinking smell.

Birds’ diapers are the ultimate solution for those bird lovers who are frustrating by the birds’ poop habits. They keep your home or apartment clean from birds’ poop. Whether you are maintaining parrots or pigeons, the diapers are available for every type of bird. In addition, it will keep your birds tension-free and soaked without any irritation caused by their fecal matter.

How to make bird diapers? 

If you have birds, the diaper is an obvious necessity for them. You can buy the bird’s diapers of any style from any brand that makes accessories for birds.

But if you are not willing to buy from any brand, do not worry. You can make the bird diaper at your home. We will provide a complete guide on how to make a bird diaper and what you need to have to make it.

Objects that you need to make bird diaper

  1. Soft, light, cotton cloth (approximately 4 to 5 inches in length)
  2. Thin -medium thickness elastic (Nearly four inches)
  3. Paper
  4. A pair of snap pins or Velcro
  5. A pencil
  6. A sewing machine


After having all the crucial objects, you need to start the process. It involves the top five steps. Let us explore top five steps one by one.

how to make it


Take a large-sized piece of paper and put your bird on it. The birds will quickly adjust to it. Draw a line around the whole body from his shoulder to its tail.

Always keep one inch bigger paper from the actual tracing to keep your bird feeling easy during a diaper’s wearing. Now trim the paper carefully. Follow the same steps for the front as well as back measurement.

For accurate measurement, use the elastic while wrapping the pages around the birds’ bodies. It is the best tip for the exact size.

Paper to fabric transformation 

After tracing on paper, the next step is to convert it to the fabric. For this purpose, place the paper that you want to cut on the fabric material you wish to use to make a bird diaper.

Carefully trim the fabric with the help of scissors. If you are an expert in sewing clothes, precisely cut it as paper, otherwise making your cloth a little more significant.

You have to perform this action for both the front and backside of the birds as we do above in paper cutting.

Initiate the sewing machines 

It is the easiest step to perform for anyone who has the basic knowledge of the sewing machine. Take all your pieces.

After it, make sure that you are not missing any string. If you miss, you can face the problem and cannot make a bird diaper.

The free tip is that try to keep the borders of the diapers thinner. The thicker cloth borders can create irritation to your bird.

Gather both parts and wear up to your bird 

After putting things all together, start to sew the front and back part of the diapers of a bird with the help of a sewing machine.

Attach all strips and cloth with hand. Use the snap pins to sew the bird diaper perfectly. Now meet all the cloth objects.

Now this diaper starts to wear your bird. The straps should be on the shoulders, and the remaining part should be on the legs and under off.

This is the whole process. If you have completed it, you are free from the tension of the poop of your birds now.

Are bird diapers safe?

Many bird owners ask this question that whether they should try bird diapers for their birds or not? The answer is a little bit complicated.

First and foremost, it depends upon the birds which you have. Many birds feel calm and relaxed after wearing diapers, but a lot do not like it. They irritated because of their diapers and became aggressive.

how to put

Secondly, it also depends upon the weather condition. In the summer season, you should avoid using it. But during the winter season, try it for your birds. If they feel comfortable and do not give any harsh reaction, use it regularly to refrain from any foul odor.

Final Thoughts 

In short, we can say that if your birds are pooping everywhere, you must try a bird diaper for them. Also, give potty training to them.

And try to avoid their poop because it is hazardous for humans. We hope this article proved very helpful for you related to bird diapers queries.

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