Why do birds from all over the world fly so gracefully

Get to know why birds from all over the world fly as well as the exotic birds known worldwide.

Why birds fly has a very simple explanation that has to do with the anatomy and adaptations that birds have undergone since ancient times with their evolution.

The reason why birds fly whatever their species, color and size is because they have a series of widely developed pectoral muscles to be able to flap their two wings quickly and, when they do so, flight is produced in which a pressure zone is generated on one side and on the other, a depression zone due to air resistance. The force exerted by the bird in flight is broken down into thrust and drag impulse.

So, why birds fly is because birds are adapted to fight with the air and the force of gravity not to mention that they have all their hollow bones, which weigh less than the normal bones of other vertebrate animals. In addition, all the feathers they have, whether of different sizes and types, do not weigh as much.

Another factor that makes birds fly is their diet or food , which consists of a high caloric index that fills them with energy and does not fatten them because they can eat fruits, seeds and even meat or insects, this keeps them at their ideal weight.

Again why birds fly, because of the absence of bladder which makes birds fly gracefully and without difficulty, if these animals had bladder and urine they would be heavier and most likely the flight would not be given or maybe yes but, it would be somewhat tortuous for the bird because it would have to carry a lot of weight.

The other reason birds can fly is because they are the only vertebrates with a keeled sternum, which supports the weight of their wing muscles. Such muscles are relatively small compared to the size of the wings and all are protected by feathers, which give the bird a more aerodynamic appearance.

In other words, a bird’s entire body is adapted for flight because its center of gravity lies between its two wings, its head and its tail which is the area where the bird has most of its weight.

Similarly, another thing that makes birds fly is the absence of teeth and nose, incredible as it may seem these structures weigh and although the bird has bones, these are small and light.

Finally, birds fly because their lungs are not filled with air like those of humans but on the contrary, their lungs assimilate little air, they are flat and are located at the back of their ribs, not to mention that they are very efficient because every bird requires a lot of oxygen and in case the bird wants to fly without flapping its wings it simply lets itself be carried by the air currents gliding comfortably.

We leave hoping that this answer satisfies your doubts.

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