General characteristics of the ostrich and its wonderful habitat

It is interesting to know the impressive general characteristics of the ostrich and its wonderful habitat, knowing that despite being a very well known and popular animal has a lot of details that many are unaware of. The ostrich is a very well known bird species and can be seen in different scenarios, since there is a great variety of models spread all over the world.

Therefore we believe that it is of great importance that you know through this article incredible things about the ostrich.

The ostrich is a unique bird, very admired, they belong to the family of ratites. They have a fairly low flight despite the fact that they have wings, they almost always run and walk very well, being able to reach about sixteen per step.

The ostrich’s wings are their source of balance they open when they run to protect them from a fall.

The ostrich is known as the fastest two-legged animal in the world.

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General characteristics of the ostrich

Ostriches live in areas shared with grazing animals, these herbivores remove the food that is part of the ostrich’s diet. They have great vision and are tall enough to spot possible threats, thus alerting grazing animals.

They have two toes and a four-inch claw on each leg. This helps the ostrich to have better traction while taking flight.

They have great power in their legs, which are very powerful and are used as their defense when they cannot run away from danger. They are so strong that they can kill large animals with them.

There are currently more than two million ostriches, which means that the danger of extinction of this bird has diminished in great proportion.

An interesting aspect of an ostrich is that they do not require as much food to develop normally.

An ostrich can become offensive when it feels in danger, even when it has eggs to protect.

It is one of the tallest and heaviest of all birds. They reach up to nine meters in height with a weight of three hundred and fifty pounds.

They are practically vegetarian, feeding on leaves, roots and flowers. They also eat rodents and insects.

The life span of an ostrich is approximately forty to forty-five years.

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The ostrich is a species found in Africa, generally living in herds, formed by a dominant male and up to seven members. The function of the dominant male is to protect the herd. There is also a dominant female, which will be the only one to mate with the dominant male.

Physical characteristics

Some ostriches reach up to two and a half meters in height, living in the wild, and three meters in meat production in captivity.Their weight ranges between one hundred and seventy kilograms. A curious characteristic of the females is that they lay eggs weighing up to almost two kilograms.


The ostrich is an excellent parent. When it is his turn to form a family, he takes only two days to make the nest, when he has a female in heat near him, he starts a dance very similar to a dance, where he lowers and raises his long neck, then lowers it, his body dances making circles in the nest, and if both like each other, she will accept and will be willing to copulate in front of the nest.


Their diet is practically vegetarian, they eat fruits and flowers, but they also eat remains of dead animals, insects, worms, insects, pebbles, among other things. These birds have a great capacity, since they can go for a long time without drinking water.

The ostrich is a wise bird, at certain times of the year when food is scarce, they prepare their to defend their young and survive by eating predators.

However, when they have plenty of food, it will be very quiet in solitary with its mate and its, until they reach maturity and can defend themselves.

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General information

The ostrich has a powerful kick, in fact there is information about some cases that are said to have Ostriches can live for as long as forty years.

The speed that an ostrich can reach is also one of the most outstanding details among all

It has the capacity to adaptation to achieve its purpose.

Ostrich behavior

The life of ostriches has always been very important because we are facing an animal that likes to be in litters or in pairs but by yourself.

Female ostriches are more dominant than males and are almost always in control in all aspects. The laying of eggs is also interesting as they are usually all

The ostrich trade

Ostrich farms exist in many parts of the world because ostrich meat has been sought after for having different palates that distinguish a peculiar flavor. On the other hand the demand that has its skin.

They are commercially bred in more than fifty countries, due to the leather resulting from their skins. They are also used for the high quality of their feathers. In some places ostrich meat is a source of food, because it is low in calories, fat and cholesterol.

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