Characteristics of the parrot and its amusing behavior

In this opportunity we talk about one of the most curious birds that we can have at home without any difficulty. Knowing the characteristics of the parrot and its funny behavior, is a fascinating task that takes us to know how important and docile it is to be able to prepare ourselves to help conserve this cute and funny bird.

The scientific name of the parrot is Psittacoidea, which encompasses several subspecies of parrots. To know how are the parrots, their characteristics , the description of the parrot, the sound of the parrot and everything about them continue reading this article.

The parrot besides being a very affectionate bird has the ability to adapt easily, plus it can emit words, phrases and sounds, so this quality will make you have and share really fun moments.

Once you decide to adopt this animal as a companion it is convenient that you know all its characteristics and interesting details of this beautiful and funny domesticated animal.

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Particularities of the parrot

The cotorro is a bird from South America, arriving in Spain in the sixties. Currently, parrots are found in wild colonies scattered throughout almost the entire geography of our country.

We can say that one of its great advantages, is its capacity of adaptation, but in the same way represents a danger for their reproduction, which is considered as a real threat for these species.

However, this beautiful bird can be adopted as a pet, because of its cute ability to easily get attached to humans. In the same way, there is no difficulty to welcome it as a in any home.

The green parrot is a fairly small bird, with a size of ranging in size from twenty-five to thirty-five centimeters, has a fairly light weight. Its plumage is green in color, with bluish tones especially on the wings. This is how this beautiful coloring happens to give them a spectacular beauty to these animals.

Necessary care for the parrot

Before deciding to have a parrot at home you should learn all its characteristics with curious details that you will know and then you will be able to live with a parrot.

A particularity of which you should be aware of is that these birds have an enormous capacity of they do manage to learn whistled melodies, because they have a great ability to memorize.

Feeding of the parrot

Generally the diet of these birds is based on corn, seeds or rice, although they also more varied diet.

Generally parrots are characterized by having a curved beak, with a lower jaw with some mobility in its connection with the skull.

They also possess a large cranial capacity and are one of the species of the most intelligent birds.

They are birds that have an excellent flight and are able to hold on to the have very good claws.

Another of the characteristics of the scarlet macaw is the intense color of its plumage.The predominant color of the plumage is green, although most of them have some red, blue, yellow, as well as other colors in many quantities.

As for the coloration of the feathers of these birds is due much to the pigments as to the same special structure of their feathers, as well as Dyck’s texture, which allows them to scatter light, giving.

Characteristics of the parrot: its amusing behavior

However, most typical parrots are generally seed feeders, even when insects, as well as occasional small prey.

Parrots are predominantly nectarivorous.

As we mentioned earlier that these species can mimic great of sounds, including the human voice, although they do not possess strings vocal cords, but they do use an organ located at the base of the trachea called the syrinx.

If you have ever wondered where do parrots live? , generally these birds live in warm or tropical regions. Some species of this group are.

The destruction of the habitat of the and competition with other invasive species, have caused the decline of wild populations.

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In any case, this combination of factors has caused the disappearance of many species from the places of distribution they had before. In any case, the margariteña parrot, which lives on the main island of Venezuela, is currently one of the most endangered in that country and manages to survive in some communities.

Although the majority of parrots are decreasing their distribution areas, this, together with the deforestation and human misbehavior, have caused a few species to take advantage of this human action to expand.

Next we can say that several species that were imported to Europe and North America such as As for the Kramer’s and monk parakeets, they have feraled very successfully in different colonies cities in Europe. This causes these two parrots to colonize in the southern parts of North America along with other flocks of members of other genera.

In another case, we can say that the indiscriminate capture of these birds has caused the number of endangered species to rise.

In view of the extraction of seventy-eight thousand specimens per year, seventy-seven percent of them die on the way to their commercialization.

Finally, we can add that through various studies on the general characteristics of the parrot, we can say that it is a bird that is in danger of extinction.

That even with all the campaigns and projects for its preservation, it is still at risk, especially due to the destruction of its natural habitat, which is where it should really stay.

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