Characteristics of the scarlet macaw, learn all about them.

The scarlet macaw or scarlet macaw is one of the most colorful birds, They are very sought after and loved, unfortunately in many places they are hunted to keep them in captivity and market them. The characteristics of the scarlet macaw, learn what is a scarlet macaw and everything about it so you can understand its beauty given by its beautiful plumage and its curious way of flying.

These beautiful birds that for many years danced freely, today they are almost unseen, as they are in danger of extinction. Read on and learn all the information about the scarlet macaw , its characteristics, feeding, how are the macaws, where the scarlet macaw lives, all about the scarlet macaw in danger of extinction and more.

Generally, the macaw lives in herds, previously there were hundreds of birds flying everywhere, nowadays they are only seen in dozens when they are looking for food. Their presence is remarkable since their only means of communication are their loud and high-pitched cries. They use this means to send their signals and at the moment of starting their flight.

According to the biography of the scarlet macaw , it is recognized as the national bird of Honduras.

According to the Taxonomy of the Macaw, this bird is part of the Kingdom Animalia, the family of the Psittacidae (parrots), the scientific name of the scarlet macaw is Ara Macao.

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Characteristics of the scarlet macaw

As for the characteristics and description of the scarlet macaw , it has a plumage of red, yellow and blue, it can present green color in smaller proportion. It presents a yellow color around the eyes and splashes of white feathers can be observed on its face.

The scarlet macaw’s beak is strong and large, likewise, the lower extremities have a dark tone that can become black. It presents certain characteristics in the legs, since they have two fingers backward and two forward, which makes the bird can use its fingers as if they were hands.

This allows the bird to be able to acquire food such as seeds and fruits.

It has a length of approximately ninety centimeters long and its weight reaches one kilogram. It lives in southeastern Mexico and can reach Bolivia.

It has a pointed tail, which is extremely influential in its size, as it covers almost half of its entire length. Both the female and the male share almost the same physical characteristics, although the male may have a slightly longer tail.

Their physical structure

It has a very strong bone structure, which allows it to have all the advantages for an ideal flight, it is flexible and light in case of any fall. Likewise, its physical composition is also in the body, they are one of the birds that have a lot of resistance in the air, time has given them a great capacity of resistance to breathe during their flight.

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Scarlet Macaw Food

Once mated, the female manages to lay up to four eggs, which should remain in incubation for about twenty-five is a task usually performed by the female and many times by the male.

After hatching, it is the male who is in charge of feeding the hatchlings, providing them with fruits and seeds very small.

A period of one or two years must pass before the young macaws can become independent.

However, the males tend to be more dominant, almost always in the reproductive stage

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Habitat of the macaw

If you have asked yourself where does the scarlet macaw live? you should know that this one usually lives in the tropical rainforests, in the savannahs of humid climate and very close to rivers.

According to the origin of the scarlet macaw, it is native to South America, generally inhabiting countries such as Venezuela, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Bolivia and Honduras. Within the scarlet macaw ecosystem, builds its nest in large trees at an altitude of up to 1,500 meters above sea level.

Macaw behavior

It is a very sociable bird, it is always seen in the company of others of its species, even more so when it raises its flight, eating or sleeping. It is affectionate with its peers, is very curious, able to imitate the voices of.

Based on this characteristic is that many scarlet macaws are trained for this fact in specifically. Occasionally the macaw emits guttural screeches or grunts, perhaps if it is happy or something bothers it.

Macaw threats

The distribution of the scarlet macaw has undergone a the main causes of the extinction of the scarlet macaw are due to illegal capture, predation of nests destruction of their habitat. Nowadays, there are many reserves to protect this species, in addition to helping its survival to prevail through environmental programs that help the endangered scarlet macaw.

Types of Macaws

Besides the scarlet macaw there are many species of macaws, among the common ones we have:

The blue macaw

It is known as Jacinto, measures one ninety centimeters of length approximately, and one meter long, it has a weight of one point five kilograms, being the macaw of a greater size. They are generally found in Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay.

The green macaw

It is one of the kinds of macaws that inhabits the jungles of Central America, from Honduras to Colombia.

It is ninety centimeters long and weighs one and a half kilograms. The macaw’s feathers or plumage is very striking, due to its green colors on its body, on its head it has red feathers and on the tip of its blue color on its wings.

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