Correct Feeding for Quail very Healthy and rich in Nutrients

If you want to raise healthy birds, learn what is the right type of feeding for quail . Find out here what quails eat, what is the correct feed and how to offer a balanced diet to your animals.

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Correct feeding for quails

In this article we will focus on the correct feeding for quails so that these small birds grow up healthy.

This type of birds are very delicate. That is why we are going to dedicate this space for you to be the best quail breeder there can be.

Therefore we recommend that you pay close attention to what we will discuss below.

Before commenting on the type of food for quail, it is important to clarify that this type of birds eat enough in a single batch. But they are not looking for more food around the rest of the day as it happens with chickens.

It is important to avoid overfeeding. Overfeeding for these birds can be fatal and aggravate their health condition.

Quail eat very little. Don’t overfeed them.

It is impossible to avoid and point out that this fact becomes a real advantage. Especially because the food yields a little more.

However, the biological factor has an impact on this issue. There are breeds of quail that have a little more appetite than others. Whose race or family is called cortunix and this is because they are a little bigger than the quails we commonly know.

The largest quails are usually Japanese and Italian.

Now then, we will tell you how to ensure proper feeding for quail in this section of recommendations.

Let’s look at the following…

As all quail feed in the first weeks or months of any type of species, it must be full of the necessary nutrients that help to strengthen an adequate growth.

That’s why our assistance is important when we decide to dedicate ourselves to the breeding and production of Creole or homemade quails.

For a balanced growth you should include in their daily diet the following foodsYes, this quail feed must be the fundamental pillar for the quails to absorb from this product their main source of energy.

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It should be noted that quails have greater resistance in the digestive system to eat significant amounts of fiber. This situation changes with other types of domestic poultry such as hens or chickens.

Cassava flour is a great fibrous feed for quail. Be sure to include it in their diet.

In case you want to give it a little variation in taste. You can mix cassava with stevia leaves. In addition, this plant allows some bacterial resistance to be created. Which is great for healthy quails.

Let’s talk about rations…

It is important to offer quail a varied diet so that they can synthesize feed from different sources. It is important to manage a basic balance to supply the nutritional requirements.

A feed ration for quail should have the following proportion:

27 % of proteins, you can use any of those mentioned at the beginning of this article. In case of choosing proteins of animal origin, it is advisable to reduce the percentage and offer them only 25 %. These should be the protein ranges to manage during the first three weeks of life.

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It should be noted that growth will cause the type of food to change significantly.

For example:

Feeding the quail in the fourth week of life will reduce the amount of protein to 23%.

When these birds have already reached the laying phase, at this time, a feed with only 22% protein will be maintained.

Now, as for the energy requirements, these are the values handled according to their life stage:

  • Primary stage of development 1-4 weeks: 2800 calories per kilograms.
  • Secondary stage of development 4-5 weeks: 2750 calories per kilogram.
  • Laying stage: 2650 calories per kilogram.

Other recommendations

For the care of the quails, fulfill the basic nutritional needs and prevent them from getting sick. Then, change the water regularly. Remember that stagnant water can be a great container of bacteria that threaten the health of the birds.

A great recommendation to prevent quail from suffering from parasites and worms is to add a little apple cider vinegar to the water. Not only does this additive have health benefits, but it adds luster and strength to their plumage.

Apple cider vinegar is powerfully digestive, it adds 1

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