A Feeding Guide to Eclectus Parrots

Eclectus parrots are stunning birds found in New Guinea, Australia, and the Solomon Islands. With the dimorphic feature, Eclectus females have glossy red color, but Eclectus males have the bright green color in their furs.

Eclectus parrots can prove your best friend. So if you have bought or plan to buy an Eclectus parrot, you should know about their nutritional habits. Do not ever mix up their diet plan with Amazon or African grey parrot. Eclectus parrots are different from them. They have large tracts which require a good quantity of food for their proper growth.

Let us discover detailed information about the feeding habits of Eclectus parrots.

Best food for Eclectus parrots

If you have Eclectus parrots, you must know about their favorite or benignant food to feed them. From vegetables to sprouting, we explain a list of each food to give them.eclectus parrot

Pelleted food

These complete or pelleted foods are always the best choice for Eclectus parrots because they fulfill all nutritional needs at once. Lafeber NutriBerries, Kaytee, Pretty Bird International Bpb78318 Species-Specific, Avian Science Super Eclectus Bird Seed are some popular pellets to give to Eclectus parrots.


Eclectus parrots need a heavy amount of Vitamin A that present in veggies. Boiled carrots, sweet potato, red chili peppers, kale, broccoli, green leaves, turnip leaves, and dandelion leaves are the best sources of Vitamin A. You can cater to your parrots’ diet.


Mango, Banana, Papaya, Figs, Apple, Cranberry, Pineapple, Coconut, and Berries are some fruits recommended giving to your Eclectus parrots.


Nuts are crucial to providing a tasty taste to Eclectus parrots. Cedar nuts, Walnuts, Cashew kernels, Macadamia, and palm nuts are popular feeding for them.

Sprouting seeds

These are the best resource for Vitamin A and protein. Add it to the diet chart of your Eclectus parrot. Sprouting seeds will help to balance their diet.


Use sugar cane to provide vitamins and minerals to your Eclectus parrots. Utilize fruit cups in their dieting. Fruit cups are available in different flavors like honey, orange, melon, banana, strawberry, and yogurt.

What foodstuffs cannot be eaten by Eclectus parrots?

It is a general fact that every bird cannot eat all foodstuffs. Some are beneficial for them, and some prove harmful for them. We have mentioned above the foods which Eclectus parrots like to eat or need to eat for maintaining their health. Now, we will provide a list of the top thirteen foods that you should not feed to your Eclectus parrots.


It contains toxins, whether they are in the form of flesh and seed. It is deadly to your Eclectus birds.

Milk or dairy products

Some Eclectus parrots are lactose intolerant and do not prefer to eat dairy foods.


It comprised oxalic acid in itself that is very poisonous for parrots.

Apple seeds

They contain cyanide which is a substance. It cannot give beneficial results to them.

Seeds from stone fruit 

Eclectus parrots cannot eat seeds of different seeds because they are hard to digest. They can become the cause of digestive system problems in them.

Soft drinks

Do not try to feed your Eclectus parrots with soft drinks, additives like MSG, preservatives, and unnatural flavors.


Avoid it to add into the diet plan of an Eclectus parrot. Due to its sour taste, your parrot can face severe throat problems.


It has a small amount of nutrition. It becomes the reason for diarrhea which leads to dehydration


Due to the sulfur compounds in itself, it cannot use for feeding parrots. By eating onions, parrots get infected by anemia.

Any raw meat

Eclectus parrots are not carnivores. So they do not prefer to meet on plants, vegetables, and some other herbs.


It can cause crop impaction. So do not add it in the feeding foods of Eclectus parrots.


It comprises a higher amount of caffeine which is very dangerous for Eclectus parrots. Avoid it to feed your parrot with it.

Frequently asked questions

There are three FAQs mention below with answers. feeding guide

Can Eclectus parrots eat grapes?

Yes, they can eat grapes whether they are babies or old parrots. Grapes are sweet, and your parrot will surely like this foodstuff.

Grapes contain vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants. By serving sugary grapes to your parrots, you can boost their energy, lessen the risk of heart diseases and enhance the functionality of their immune system.

The best thing about grapes is that you can use the seeds and peels of them to feed your astonishing parrot. Even you can give them dried grapes when they are not available in fresh form.

Always wash the grapes before to give to your Eclectus parrot. Avoid overuse in their diet plan. They will cause dietary problems because they have a higher amount of fructose in themselves.

Can Eclectus parrots eat eggs?

Yes, the Eclectus parrots can eat eggs. You should add this organic food to the diet plan of your parrots. Many Eclectus parrots are fond of eating eggs.

Calcium, protein, or amino acids are the main ingredients of eggs. They help to increase the intelligence, thinking, and speaking ability of your parrots. They also prove very beneficial for the liver and the circulation of nutrients in their whole bodies.

You can feed eggs to Eclectus parrots whether they are cooked or in a raw form. You can also use eggshells for giving them.

Try to avoid the overuse of eggs in their daily feeding routine. They may gain more weight or face inner body problems due to excessive use of eggs.

What Eclectus parrots eat in the wild?

Eclectus parrots are arboreal birds that tend to live in trees or plants. They like to eat native berries, fruits, and nuts in the forest. They also tend to eat seeds, but they are not seed eaters. So we can say that there is no so much difference between their home diet and wild diet.


The sole purpose of writing this article is to provide knowledge about the feeding material of Eclectus parrots. We hope, now, you can make a perfect diet plan for your Eclectus parrots that will keep them healthy.

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