Feeding of ducks, a bird very dear to us all

Learn what are the ingredients of the diet that is part of the diet of the duck , a bird very dear to everyone.

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In spite of being a bird very loved by young and old, few know the feeding of the duck.

This beautiful bird has been present in storybooks and children’s movies for many years.

Whoever doesn’t know the story of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Ugly Duckling”, has never had a childhood.

A story about self-esteem, which is often used by people who lack it.

Like the classic Disney movie Don Duck, which leaves us with a message of positivism and joy.

Thanks to these two stories, many people have grown fond of this unique bird.

But it is worth noting that the duck itself is an affable animal that is loved by everyone.

This is a bird that does very well in the water, where it can be appreciated confident and elegant.

And its gait on land, if you will, is a bit clumsy and sloppy.

It can be distinguished by its broad, flat beak, and a stubby, rounded body with short, webbed feet.

Which inspires great tenderness when contemplating it.

Despite being so beloved, few people are aware of the duck’s diet.

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Let’s know the feeding of the duck

The first thing to know is that ducks are mostly waterfowl.

When they are in their natural environment, they feed on algae, fish, insects, plants, seeds, and some pebbles or grit.

In parks that have lakes, and are visited by people, it is very common for ducks to eat other things.

Since humans usually feed them with cookies, breads, doughs, and leftovers of their food.

And although they consider that they are doing them good, they are far from reality.

When ducks have been domesticated, and live as pets, they must be fed differently.

There is a food that they sell in the veterinaries, which is called feed for ducks”.

This is a type of feed that is elaborated for animal fattening.

For this reason, the rations offered to the ducks should not be exceeded.

Instead, this food should be supplemented with green vegetables, carrots, and a vitamin supplement.

You can also feed this type of ducks with crushed grains or flour.

For example, rice, corn, coracan, sorghum, barley, and rice bran, among other grains.

Cottonseed, sunflower seeds, and peanuts can be supplied, but to a lesser extent.

Since these have a high fat content.

Wild ducks

Bone meal, eggshell, or crushed shells are part of the duck’s feed.

This is a fantastic supplement, when ducks are lacking minerals, due to the lack of ground walking.

This type of food helps them to avoid common problems in the legs of these birds, and deficiencies in their eggs.

This bird has an advantage, because its digestive system has an organ in which it accumulates small pebbles.

These it eats on purpose, to help crush the food it eats.

It is not advisable to provide food scraps to the ducks, because this greatly harms the birds.

However, some leftovers from the kitchen can be used.

But we must boil them, and mix them with flour to make it a good food for them.

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How to recognize if the ducks are well fed

These birds show some symptoms that are very easy to distinguish, when they lack some nutrient for their growth.

For example, you can recognize in them the lack of proteins, because this produces a weakening in the pet.

This results in a greater possibility of contracting infections.

In the specific case of ducklings, their growth is affected, and they also present problems in their development.

When these birds lack minerals in their daily diet, they present problems in the bones of their legs.

They have a lot of problems when walking, because of the lack of minerals, their bones curve.

The absence of minerals causes eggs to appear without shells, or with a very weakened shell.

When the toes of the legs curve inward, and the feathers of the ducks remain ruffled.

If they have problems to walk, and they present exudations in the nose and eyes.

There is no doubt that ducks have a strong lack of vitamins in their daily diet.

Only vitamin additives, and vegetables, can help solve this kind of problem.

Where the duck originated

In South and Central America, Europe, and Asia, there are large populations of ducks.

So it is very possible that in some of these places it has had its origin being domesticated thousands of years ago.

However, for many years, these birds were bred for human consumption.

Not only their meat, but also their eggs, have always been highly valued all over the world.

In addition, duck feathers are used to make quilts, pillows and other decorative items.

It is very likely, that this bird comes from the wild mallard duck, also known as mallard.

This is a bird that thrives in northern areas.

But in the winter seasons, this bird usually migrates to the temperate regions of the south, to ensure its sustenance.

It is very easy to keep a duck at home as a pet.

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God bless you.

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