What is the feeding of poultry: look at this food balance sheet

If you want to know what is the feeding of poultry , it is time to know the indispensable foods for the diet of these animals.

What is the feeding of poultry

If you are planning to create a poultry yard for times of easy care and to have a substantial income. Here you will see a series of recommendations that you should take into account to know in a correct way which is the correct poultry feeding.

To do this you must take into account the type of space and the type of birds that will be cared for in it.

For example, they can be hens, chicken, ducks, geese, quail, among others.

Having clear the disposition of the animals, then you have to plan a well-balanced diet.

This type of feeding must have as fundamental pillars two very important sources:

Firstly, it must be a rich source of proteins.

And secondly, the food has to be a source of energy.

If you put both ingredients together, undoubtedly, you will be able to cover the nutritional ranges required by the different poultry.

Now we will specify which are the feeds that are influenced by each of the above mentioned food sources.

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Energy source

If you don’t know what kinds of foods can be considered as energy sources, don’t worry. Below we will tell you what types of plant foods are considered to be protein.

As main sources of energy for poultry are:

  • Corn bran.
  • Rice.
  • Yellow or white corn.
  • Quinoa.
  • Wheat bran.
  • Sorghum.
  • Barley.

We could make a long list of foods that are a source of energy, but we will summarize it in this way, all those cereals or products derived from these are considered. With respect to the latter, it is necessary to be very careful, since they can contain many traces of fiber.

Fiber in excessive amounts is harmful to poultry, specifically hens and chickens.

A combination that can be fabulous for giving your poultry an incredible energy source: take a certain amount of some of the grains and mix with cassava flour.

Another great alternative you can do is to use dehydrated green banana, cooked potato cut in small pieces.

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Let’s continue learning about poultry nutrition…

And you can also use a little bit of molasses. However with this product you must be particularly careful, since it can cause diarrhea in the birds. So you should be very cautious with the use of molasses. It is advisable not to add no more than 10% in the feed.

These are all natural and energetic sources that you can give to your poultry.

Now, we will comment which are the foods considered as protein sources that should be included in the poultry diet.

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Protein source

Protein sources are important for the growth of poultry. They allow them to become full-bodied and develop perfectly.

It should be noted that there are two types of food considered as proteins.

Those coming from animals, i.e. organic proteins.

And others that come from vegetables.

Let’s see now what are the organic proteins:

  • Fish meal.
  • Meat flour.
  • There is also blood or bone.

It is necessary to pause and clarify this point. The fact that we are talking about organic proteins does not mean that you can give chickens or quail a piece of meat. No. Rather, we are talking about by-products.

These products are duly processed in such a way that fats and excess water are eliminated. In order to obtain, in the case of the raw material, any of the flours mentioned above.

As for vegetable proteins:

We find those that come from corn gluten and ground alfalfa. The latter is not so often used in poultry feed because it contains high fiber content.

Other products to be known…

When it comes to raising poultry, this sometimes becomes a huge expense. Since poultry reproduction is often dizzying and the demand for food is usually higher.

So you can incorporate into their diet some inexpensive vegetables or those produced in the garden, if you have one.

Create a varied supply of vegetables such as lettuce, chard and carrots, peppers, among other alternatives that you think can feed the birds.


For the hens to feel satisfied it is advisable not to have all the seeds ground in their entirety. For example, corn is ideal because it makes them feel satisfied. Try to have corn rations available throughout the day.

The ration of varied seeds should be for each hen should be at least half a pound.

Another thing you should keep in mind when raising poultry is water.

There should always be a constant supply of clean water. For example, if you want the laying hens to perform perfectly, then you will need to place enough water to keep them in perfect condition.

To know that you are giving them enough water, you should calculate that each hen drinks 2 to 3 liters of water per day.

These are all the recommendations roughly about what is the feeding of poultry .

In case you have any doubts about food you can write to us. Become an expert in poultry care with our help.

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