Everything you need to know about the Flag-bearing Cockatoo

The flag cockatoo is one of the most beautiful birds that exist in the world. For this reason, we will show you some interesting characteristics; in addition, you will see that the flag-bearing cockatoo will surprise you with its unique characteristics.

If you would like to know more about the cockatoo, we will show you its general characteristics; we will also tell you what its natural habitat is, as well as its feeding habits; and other things that may surprise you about these birds.

This is one of the most beautiful and exuberant birds in the world. Its scientific name is Lophochroa leadbeateri. It is also known as the Inca cockatoo, this is due to the plume or plumage on its head.

This bird is among the group of cockatoos or cacatuinae; in the same way, it is related to the group of parrots and lorises. In fact, this aspect is notorious, since they share some characteristics, such as the color of their feathers; as well as the crests.

On the other hand, the flag cockatoo is very common in the Australian continent. In fact, it usually inhabits the semi-arid regions of Australia. In fact, it is considered an endemic bird; and as already mentioned, as it shares certain characteristics with parrots, some people keep them as pets.

In fact, the areas where they are most commonly found are the central and western parts of Australia.

Their natural habitat ranges from open forests to semi-arid regions, as mentioned above. However, it is usually found more frequently in eucalyptus forests.

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Now, this is related to its natural habitat, but what is the blue-rumped cockatoo like? We will tell you below what its characteristics are like; this way you will be able to recognize it. This way you will be able to see how beautiful this extraordinary bird can be.

Characteristics of the Flag-billed cockatoo

Now, we will tell you a little bit about the physical characteristics of the flag-bearing cockatoo. As we already told you, this bird is also known as Inca cockatoo, for the reasons we already mentioned.

You have to know that this bird can measure approximately thirty-five centimeters. As you will notice, it is not a very large animal. Likewise, it is not so heavy, since its average weight ranges from three hundred and forty grams to four hundred and twenty-five grams; it can reach, on some occasions, five hundred grams, which is the same as half a kilo.

Now, with respect to their characteristic colors, you must take into account that there are differences between males and females, so you can distinguish them.

In the case of the male, it is usually white. But it has a pink coloration on the chest, face and what would be the abdomen. As for his forehead, it is dark pink.

In the crest has two red bands, and one yellow. The tip of the crest feathers is white. This makes it look like it has a plume instead of a crest. For this reason, it is also known as the Inca cockatoo.

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As for the female, this one is a little paler pink; unlike the male, which is a little more vivid. The abdomen is white; and the yellow band of its crest is a little wider and better defined. Another difference between the male and the female is that the iris of the male is dark brown; while that of the female is of a reddish hue.

On the other hand, the beak is of a silvery color, while its legs are gray.

Mating and other interesting characteristics

Now, the behavior of this bird is, in general, very sociable, since it lives in flocks; in fact, it is capable of sharing its ecosystem with birds of other species. In this sense, it could be said that it has a good interaction with humans. For this reason, it is a bird that is often kept as a pet.

Now, as for mating, the cockatoo usually makes its nests in the hollows of trees or in the hollows of eucalyptus. The female lays between two to four eggs. The incubation period is between twenty-four to twenty-eight days.

Something interesting about this point is that both the male and the female collaborate together in the incubation of the eggs. The pair also participates together in feeding, until the chicks are able to feed themselves.

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Talking about its diet, you have to know that this bird feeds on seeds. It is a collector, that is to say, it feeds on the seeds found in the trees; but in the same way, it also feeds on the seeds it finds on the ground. For that is where they find their food more easily.

Now, taking into account that it is a bird that is habituated to its ecosystem, it is considered that this bird may be in danger of extinction; this is due to the invasion of its environment. In addition, since it inhabits only one continent, it is not very frequent to see it outside its natural environment, unless it is under captivity.

For this reason, in order to preserve this bird, there are regulations to take care of its natural habitat; in addition, there are those who carry out aviculture projects for its protection and care. However, it is important to keep in mind that it is not the same for the cockatoo to grow in captivity as it is for it to grow in its natural environment.

In addition, being an easy to domesticate bird, it is also in great demand to serve as a pet. It should be noted that the most attractive feature of this bird is, in addition to the color of its feathers, is its exuberant crest.

For this reason, it is a very expensive pet to obtain.

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