Half-moon Conures

The Half-moon conures are also known as Orange-fronted or Petz’ conures and are the quietest members of the conures family. They’re mostly 24cm long, and the male tends to be larger than the female. They’re native to southwestern Mexico and Costa Rica. Half-moon conures are popular expressive pets that can talk and learn some tricks. They’re mostly green, with an orange forehead, dull-blue crown, and blue in wings. The breast area is yellowish-green.

Half-moon conures are unique because they built a nest on abandoned woodpecker holes. They’re not endangered species but are not as popular as other types of conures. They’re quiet and not are excited about bathing as some other birds.

Half moon Conures

Let us discuss more detailed information about half-moon conures.

The lifespan of Half-moon conure

The lifespan of half-moon conures depends upon the habitats in which they live. Wildlife and captivity life of half-moon conures decide their age.

In wildlife, half-moons average lifespan is approximately ten years. They’ve to face many problems which directly affect their lifespan. For example, there is a shortage of caretakers in wildlife, so there is no one who can give them a proper diet and maintain their healthy time. More in forest half-moons bear hazard of huntsman which also dwindle their lifespans.

While in captivity, they enjoy their lives for 30 years or more. They’ve caretakers who give them a proper nutritionally rich diet and special attention. There’s no danger of wild animals in captivity.


Conures are not picky about diet but like a varied diet. They enjoy commercial avian pellets, fresh vegetables, and other foods. So let’s discuss the diet plan for half-moons in detail.

Fruits and veggies

In the wild, half-moon primarily feeds on fruits, seeds, flowers, and vegetables. They love to eat dark, leafy greens, melons, squash, carrot, broccoli, peas, berries, collard greens, pinto, black beans, green beans, melon, and other bright-colored fruits and vegetables


High quality formulated pellet is recommended diet for half-moon conures. It is a nutritionally complete food that accomplishes the requirements of Vitamins, minerals, and proteins—pellets in different colors and shapes preferable over plain pellets. Although pellets are the best diet for half-moon conures, excessive use of pellets can also make the diet unbalance.diet


Half-moon conures need a considerable amount of water after feeding to keep themselves hydrated. So, always fill water bowls with clean and fresh water in their cage. Make sure the water should be boiled-cooled or filtered and has no toxic compounds in itself.

Some other foods

Half-moon conures love to eat shredded meat, hard-boiled eggs, peanut, pasta, and bean sprouts. They also enjoy torn-up bread moistened with juices; these things help to maintain their good health. Avoid giving salt, butter, and avocado to your conures because these may be toxic to them. Calcium is necessary for them, especially for females; you can provide them calcium in the form of cuttlebone and calcium block.


Proper care is required for half-moon conures because, in captive life, they may also face disastrous challenges. Following are some factors that can play an essential role in caring for your conures.

Spacious cage

As they’re calm, you can easily keep them in a lighter weight cage-like cockatiel cage, but the cage size should large enough for them to exercise. The proper size of cage for conures is 18x18x24 inches space.


Conures live in moderate temperatures; they can’t survive in frigid and cold environments. Place the cage of conures in a warm part of the room away from the heat vent, doors, and windows. The moderate temperature for conures is 50 to 80 degrees on the Fahrenheit scale.


Provide them toys for mental stimulation and to keep them busy. Make sure the toys are clean. Chewable toys are best for them. Don’t give them so many toys.

Proper attention

At least give 2 to 4 hours to them daily, because they need your attention. Never spray your bird with any “feather care” products. Avoid keeping your conures in the kitchen.


Half-moon needs exercise and space to stretch their wings. They love to climb and play. Play gym and playpen help them in exercising and maintain a healthy body.

The personality of half-moon conures

personalityThe little half-moon conures have many traits that can easily attract the attention of people within a second.

They are expressive, with their energetic and friendly personality, they quickly make a friend. They love to spend time with their owner and fellow conures.

They are quiet and shy than other conures but still make noise in lower volume. When the half-moons are in the wild, they emit a “can-can-can” sound during fly. While in perching, their sound change into shrill “zeweet.”

They are suitable for you if you want a medium-sized bird that’s is not too chatty. In addition, they may mimic and learn some tricks.

Conures are friendly and active. They love to play and climb. A well socializes, and good-natured bird always enjoys attention from its owner.

They are not excited about bathing like some other birds but enjoy misting of water. So, by nature, they are calm and peaceful, but during breeding, they become aggressive. And sometimes they become angry if you don’t give them proper attention.


They are not expected as other pet birds and are more stunning, attractive, and adorable. Their prices vary due to their color and age. You can get half moon conures from any pet store and reputed bird breeders if you are ready to spend $300-$400.

Before purchasing half-moon conures, examine them properly. Ensure they’re active, alert, and belong to an authentic breed; otherwise, don’t purchase them.

Wrapping up 

Half-moon conures are one of the best types of conures which keep you happy and entertain you with their tricks and friendly nature. They’re attractive and, with many personality traits, can quickly grab people’s attention.so, if you’re looking for an adorable pet, go and purchase them but be careful about their authentic breed. And follow a healthy diet plan for them to keep them healthy.

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