How to attract Bluebirds

Bluebirds are the lovely creature in this world. With their blue attractive personality and melodious voice, they lure the attention of thousands of people and they fall in love with them immediately.

Because of the uphill charm of bluebirds, most bird lovers want to attract bluebirds in their yard. It is quite challenging but if you do it, you can watch these fascinating birds freely and save yourself from various pests because bluebirds fulfill 68% of their food necessities from pests.

To know the top tips or tricks for grabbing the bluebirds, keep on reading because in this article we will discuss benignant strategies to attract bluebirds.


So let us get started!

Top 8 tips to attract bluebirds

Although bluebirds are not easily come to any backyard or garden, yet some tactics work to grasp the bluebirds at your place. The top eight tips present below that will help you to attract bluebirds to your yard.

Tip 1: Installation of a Hunting Perch 

attract bluebirdThe installation of hunting perch in a lawn is the best idea to create a bluebird-friendly environment. They love to perch and sitting on perching poles to see the insects for feeding. Make sure to set up a perch 3 to 4 feet high so that the bird can easily perch and find their favorite insects from the top place.

These birds also utilize shrubs, trees, and plants for catching worms. Therefore, if you do not have trees, you can use 6 to 7.5 feet high poles to provide them a perching place. Fence posts and wire fences are examples of hunting perches to attract bluebirds.

Tip 2: Temptation through a delicious meal

No doubt, every bird is enticed to those gardens which offer them a large quantity of food. You can apply this technique too with a little effort. This method works because it can remove their hunger without any attempt to find food for themselves.

First of all, serve them with delectable worms or insects in a bird feeder or in a shallow dish. Secondly, you can feed them with fresh berries. Thirdly, you can utilize elderberry, holly, and sumac for their daily diet. For these delicious food parties, you can also grow plants of different fruits in your backyard to give a direct invitation to the bluebirds. By serving a variety of food, you can make them regular visitors to your garden.

Tip 3: Play a bluebird melody 

The pre-recorded bluebird songs can lure various bluebirds into your garden because they go to those places where they can meet their partners. If you play a bluebird melody, they think that their fellow birds are your place and they start to come to your garden to find their fellows.

If you are going to implement this tactic, you have to keep in mind some precautions. Firstly, do not blow these sounds after 2 to 3 minutes. Secondly, do not use this method in the nesting session because it can divert the attraction of bluebirds from their nest or feeding material that further creates a bad impact on their survival. Thirdly, do not play in a very loud sound. The stentorian melody can create stress because female bluebirds shoot in loud voices whenever they see predators.

Tip 4: Offer Birdbath 

Providing the facility of the birdbath in your yard is another interesting way to entice bluebirds. They are the lover of the bathe. They utilize bathing water for drinking purposes too. They also like the moving water sound. Last but not the least, they require a great amount of water to keep their feathers fresh, neat, and clean.

For accomplishing this technique, you can use a dripper or fountain, or a deep water dish. Make sure to provide a moderate temperature of water in the winter as well as the summer season. Also offer a larger birdbath tub so that if many bluebirds come at a time, they do not get a place in a bathing tub and move on from your yard.

Tip 5: Provide a natural shelter 

Bluebirds love to live in spacious places. In narrow and dense places of yards, they do not tend to come or live. If you offer a natural shelter to bluebirds, they prefer to live in these shelters and you can enjoy seeing them.

For presenting a natural shelter look in your garden, firstly, you can grow shrubs and bushes on your lawn. Secondly, you can hang roosting boxes for their rest at night. Thirdly, avoid planting a thousand bushes or trees that can give a chance to the predators to catch or kill the bluebirds.

Tip 6: Eradicating the predators’ threat 

tips and tricksDo you know that cats kill 3.7 billion birds in a year? So it is very crucial to eliminate any danger to your bird if you really want to attract bluebirds to your place.

Whether you are installing a bird bathe or a bird feeder, you should confirm that no one predator-like cat or house sparrows are roaming in this specific bird area. Beware! if you fail to complete the step of offering a safe place, bluebirds will never come to your yard again.

Tip 7: Installation of Nest box

If you place a nest box in your garden, you can grab the bluebirds in your garden. The nest box offers an extreme charm to bluebirds and they come to sit in it.

For this method, you have to buy woodpecker holes and wooden birdhouses. After purchasing, choose an appropriate place to install it in your yard. Because a good installation place will become a cause to lure more bluebirds in your yard. After this step, fix the nest box at 4 to 7 feet height. Also, make sure to fix it under the shade whether under a tree or under a roof.

Summing Up 

In sum, bluebirds have wonderful personalities. It is a great blessing to watch their beauty and melodious voice in your yard. Besides these blessings, you can also make your garden pest-free by bringing bluebirds into your garden. So quickly followed the above-mentioned techniques to lure bluebirds and make your place like a paradise.

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