How to attract Cardinals

Cardinals are the beautiful birds on the earth. The color of their bodies is bright red in males and stunning brown in females. They are also songbirds and sing soothing melodies.

Because of these aesthetic traits, Cardinals have become the point of attraction for various people. If you are also one of those bird lovers who love cardinals and want to attract them in a backyard, look no further! Because you are in the right spot.


So without wasting time, let us get started!

Top ten tips to attract cardinals

If you think it is not an arduous task to attract a cardinal to your garden, you are not right. In fact, you have to apply different tips and tricks to attract cardinals. But be happy because you are going to read the top ten tips to attract cardinals. So carry on with your reading.

Temptation through stylish feeders 

attract cardinalsDo you know that cardinals do not tend to use those feeders they do not like even though they contain their favorite food? So it is one of the essential factors which involves to fascinate them at your best-loved place.

You have to purchase those feeders for cardinals on which they can easily sit and perch. The feeder on which they can see food in front of them and feed according to their desire is their favorite feeder. They also like big feeders full of food to feed. Hoppers, trays, and platform feeders are the best choice for cardinals.

Clean Feeders 

As you have to choose specific feeders, you should also keep feeders clean. A clean and clear feeder attracts more cardinals than a dirty feeder because contaminated water is messy and creates bacterial infections in cardinals. So cardinals avoid these dirty feeders.

For cleaning purposes, you have to use dish soap and hot water for two weeks. If you offer clean water in a clean feeder, you will surely attract cardinals to your spot.

Offer them the right food. 

Although cardinals are not so picky about food items yet, you still provide the best food to eat as their beaks are so strong, so you need to give them husky seeds. If you serve them the best food sources, they will definitely come to your garden again and eat something delicious.

Black oil sunflower, cracked corn, suet, mulberry, serviceberry, flowering dogwood, crabapple, spruce, mealworms, peanuts, safflower, striped sunflower, and sunflower hearts and chips are some delectable food that cardinals prefer to eat.

Place Feeders on the right spot 

Another critical factor in attracting cardinals is that put their feeder in the right spot. It is crucial if you want to add grace with the cardinals’ charming color and sweet voice.

First of all, try to hang feeders in different spots. In this way, they can choose the best place and sit near the feeder. The height and proximity of feeders also matter a lot. The best place to place feeders is under the greenery like shrubs.

Feeding the material on ground 

No doubt, feeders are the prominent element to attract birds, but sometimes you have to choose another way.

If you split food or grains on the ground, it is also an excellent method to attract cardinals. You can use trays and mesh net to provide food on the ground to the cardinals. You should also take care of them and provide enough security.

Best Shelter 

If you just put feeders where several predators are present, the cardinals will never come because of the risk of predators. So you have to set up a secure shelter for them.

These private birds like secluded areas to live or sit or perch. A place full of large trees, small trees, large shrubs, small shrubs, and perennials present in excessive amounts is the best shelter for them. For example, we can say that an area with dense greenery with a diversified height of trees can make the best shelter for them.

Provide nesting material 

tips and tricksProviding a nesting material is a tricky method to attract various cardinals to your backyard. In this way, you help cardinals to make nests and cardinals happy because of this helping activity. As a result, they stay at your place for a longer time.

For nesting material, you should choose a thick green place. Second put yarn, string, or dog fur to give them a chance to select a pre-make nest.

Frozen Water 

Whether it is summer or winter, spring or fall season, frozen water is not a suitable choice in any season. You have to provide enough warm water to drink as well as to bathe. The research also proves that cardinals like heated baths. So Luke water is best for them. Frozen water becomes a cause to create various diseases in itself.

If you are worried about presenting water to them, you can use feeders to fulfill their drinking purposes. On the other hand, you can also utilize basin and immersion for bathe of cardinals.

Remove reflective surface 

If you want to attract cardinals at a particular place, make sure that you have removed shiny bumpers, glass windows, and car mirrors near those places. These reflected objects are very harmful to the cardinals.

For instance, they take the stress of these reflected surfaces and try to eliminate the reflection for several hours. Due to it, stress hormones increase in them and cause their destruction them. They also do not tend to visit these stressful places if they leave them for one time.

Predator-free space 

The most crucial point to notice is that provides them a safe place, free from predators. Although the thick green environment is very suitable for them, you should also see that predators cannot hide them in this dense greenery.

As they are shy creatures and get scared very quickly, you have to check no predators present around them while sitting or feeding in your garden.

Final Thoughts 

Cardinals are the adorable birds in this world. In this article, we have discussed ten incredible tricks to attract cardinals. The best point is that these creatures do not migrate from one place to another. So if you attract them for one time, they will come to your home regularly. Go to your garden and start to attract them magically.

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