How to Tame a Bird

If you are a bird lover or aviculture, or breeder, taming a bird is one of the most demanding tasks. Most people think that it is a daunting task, but it’s not. With a bit of effort, you can tame any bird. However, it would be best if you have patience and time for fulfilling this work.

After some time, they will be tamed and not feel insecure with you. Birds start to make a strong bond with you, and you will also feel comfortable with tamed birds.

If you are probing some beneficial tips for taming birds, you are on the right page. We will explain the top ten tips for taming various birds in this article.

tame a bird

So let us get started!

Tip 1: Choose a low-traffic area 

If you want to tame scared birds, first of all, you have to select a place for their cage. You have to choose a low-traffic area for putting the cage of birds. In the high traffic area, they remain frightened and disturb and do not get tames quickly.

If you place the cage in a free space where you and your bird are only present, your bird will feel stress-free and start to communicate in a bit of time.

Tip 2: Utilize scent for taming

hold a bird in your handThe best feature of any bird is that they start to live near people that they know. And they recognize those people through scent.

For this purpose, you have to remain close to the bird but make sure that you are not creating a rush or noise around their cage. Also, avoid using different scents because they can confuse your bird, and they do not identify you.

Tip 3: Offer delicious treats 

Another best tip is that offer them a delicious meal during the taming session. It will build your trust in front of birds, and they begin to live or communicate with you.

Black oil sunflower, cracked corn, suet, mulberry, serviceberry, flowering dogwood, crabapple, spruce, mealworms, peanuts, safflower, striped sunflower, and sunflower seeds are the best feeding material for their treat. You can also serve them with nutrient-rich pellets to keep them healthy.

Tip 4: Talk with birds in a soothing voice 

Talking in a soothing voice with your birds is a very benignant trick to tame them. It does not matter what are you talking about with them, but you have to be calm during your conversation with them.

This tactic works if you give proper talking time to your birds almost throughout the day. Significantly when you are changing the feeding material to your birds, get involved in talking to ignore their attention on the changing food. So they start to eat food immediately with no tantrum.

Tip 5: Utilize slow movements for approaching 

For taming birds, utilize slow and gentle movements in front of your birds. Otherwise, they get scared with the fast movements.

Always try to expose movements that not extra above their eye level and not much below their eye level. It would also be best to implement the soothing voice-over technique for chit-chatting with the fascinating birds with these movements.

Tip 6: Provide a neat room 

Besides the cage, offer a bird-proof room to perch and chirp freely. The room should be neat and clean. Also, make sure that the door is closed so that a bird cannot fly outside.

For the taming session, keep birds inside the room and stay in the room with your bird for taming. Start to tame them by offering your hand for the sitting of your bird. Also, make sure that the fan of the room is not active because it can cause the death of your birds.

Tip 7: Gives abundant playing accessories 

how to tameMany birds love to play with different toys in their cage. The playing accessories help for the taming of the birds and attract their attraction toward themselves.

Bonka Bird Toys Big Stick Toy, Planet Pleasures Spiked Piñata Natural Bird Toy, Rypet Spoon Delight Bird Toy, JW Pet Company Activity Series, Nature’s Instinct Foragewise Parrot’s Treasure, and chewable toys are the best option of toys for taming and keep their mind fresh. 

Tip 8: Rearrange the cage of birds 

If you have an aim to tame your bird, providing comfort should be your priority. If you offer the exact arrangement of the cage all the time, your birds do not feel good and are not tamed.

Whether the cage of the birds full of toys, birdbath, or food dishes, you have to change every gear position inside the cell. This replacement gives a new look to the birds’ cage, and they get mental stimulation. And when their mind stimulates, they can easily tame with no strenuous efforts.

Tip 9: Taming with hands 

If you tame your bird very quickly, you have to start with your hands. Provide your hand gently and continue to talk in a soothing voice during your hand pushing toward them.

Start to perch with your hands and fingers. Sometimes, birds may bite you during a taming class. To handle this situation, cover your hand with a glove or towel, but they may get scared from these objects. So the best option is that start to tame with gentle conversation. After frankness, begin taming with your hand.

Tip 10: Reward on their progress 

No doubt, when you start to tame birds, they constantly and steadily make progress. If you reward them on every step of their taming progress, they indulge in the taming class.

For rewards, you can treat food, vegetables, pellets, insects, or any other feeding material they like to eat. Secondly, you can also praise them in your verbal commands but keep your voice very peaceful.

Summing Up 

This article covers the top ten tips or tricks to tame the birds with minimal effort. You have to give 10 to 15 minutes for short training sessions. You should also arrange three to four taming classes daily. Hopefully, this piece of knowledge will help you in taming birds whether you have parakeets, conures, or cockatiels.

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