Top 8 Largest Parrots

Parrots are beautiful creatures from the birds’ families in this world. From Asian to pacific regions, parrots are present everywhere. Some parrots are small, and some are the largest.

Most giant parrots have unique personality traits. They require more attention as compared to the small parrots. Many of them can enjoy their life for many decades, but it demands great care. If you do not care for them well, they can fall into harmful diseases and face an early death.

largest parrots

In this blog post, we will debate the top eight largest parrots, which you can consider when buying any parrot. So carry on reading!

African Greys 

These gigantic parrots are nine to fourteen inches long from head to tail. The weight of the African greys is approximately eleven to nineteen ounces.

If we talk about their intelligence, they are very clever and wise parrots. According to the research, their intelligence is equal to that five years old child. In addition, they have an emotional attachment with their masters. If you do not give proper attention, they can also become destructive instantly. Moreover, they vary talkative and can speak a wide variety of words.

With blackish beaks and reddish tails, they are beautiful birds. If you love to keep large pets, they are the best choice for you.


eclectus largest parrotBesides African grey, Eclectus parrots are another most giant parrots having seventeen to twenty inches body. They have thirteen to nineteen ounces weight.

The physical traits of the Eclectus are very distinct. Male Eclectus parrots have vivid green plumage. On the other hand, female Eclectus parrots have reddish or bluish, or purple plumage. Furthermore, they are very social birds and love their caretakers. Another characteristic of these parrots is that they have three subspecies.

These parrots can live up to fifty years old in captivity. Therefore, we can say that Eclectus parrots can become your long-lasting friends.

Umbrella Cockatoo 

The average size of the whole body of large umbrella cockatoos is eighteen inches. The weight of these parrots’ species varies from sixteen to twenty-six ounces.

With the sizeable white chest and black beak, they are fascinating birds. They are charming and make a strong bond with their masters. Their personality is very gentle and softy. In addition, they love to cuddle with human beings. If you do not give proper attention, they can become destructive or distraught. So, you have to provide an appropriate time to them if you buy these umbrella cockatoos.

The life span of the umbrella cockatoos is approximately seventy to eighty years old in captivity with proper care. So take care if you want the long life of them.

Yellow-Naped Amazon

Yellow- Naped Amazon parrots are a massive species with twelve to fifteen inches of body. The bodyweight of the yellow-naped amazon parrots is approximately between seventeen to twenty-four ounces.

The best quality of these parrots’ species is that they are very talkative and have a great vocabulary. They can also learn various tricks or tactics to entertain people. Besides talking ability, they are also delightful and tend to create strong bonding.

With a green, yellow, and red color combination of their body, they can survive more than seventy years, but you have to become a great caretaker of these parrots.

Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo 

These incredible parrots are divided into two species; greater and lesser. And both have different but gigantic sizes. Greater sulphur-crested cockatoo has 20 inches from beak to tail. On the other hand, a lesser sulphur-crested cockatoo has fifteen inches long body. Both species carry weight in between twelve to thirty-one ounces.

They are very affectionate birds. If you want to become the friend of the sulphur-crested cockatoo, you have to spend two to three hours a day.

In addition, they can enjoy their lives at approximately eight years old in captivity. So be their friend, and start to enjoy this considerable cockatoo.

Blue-and-gold Macaw

The body size of the blue and gold macaws is varied from thirty to thirty-six inches. On the other hand, their weight varies from twenty-eight to forty-six ounces.

They are trendy pets mainly because of their largest size. They are also very energetic and intelligent. Besides intelligence, they can also speak different words and love to play with various tricks or tactics. In addition, they stay happier out of the cage.

With fifty years plus life span in captivity, they can soothe your eyes with their blue and gold color for several years.

Scarlet Macaw 

Scarlet macaws have thirty-one to thirty-eight inches large bodies from their beak to tail. In addition, their weight varies from thirty-two to thirty-nine ounces.

They have very loving personalities. Because of it, they love to socialize. Furthermore, they are very energetic. They also need a wide variety of rotational toys for entertainment. They can also tame humans very easily. For children, they are not suitable because they can bite them.

big macaw

Scarlet macaws have the capacity to live for more than fifty years with reasonable care in captivity. Therefore, it is the best choice for those who do not want to buy new parrots after some time because previous birds have face death early.

Hyacinth Macaw 

One of the enormous creatures in the family of parrots is Hyacinth Macaws with their forty inches long body. Their weight also varies from forty-two to fifty-one ounces.

Because of their largest size, the demand for spacious and escape-proof cages is crucial. They also require substantial care of their gigantic body size. It would be best if you also have to provide a room with various toys that help them for exercise.

They can live up to fifty years. The free tip is that if you want to buy this bird because of its large size and long lifespan, you have to be experienced to keep pets.

Final Thoughts 

In sum, we can say that all the parrots, as mentioned earlier, are the topmost giant parrots, and if you love this enormous creature, you can choose any one of them.

For purchasing any large parrots, you can go to any renowned pet store or breeders. They will also further guide you about their specific personality and physical traits.

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