Nanday Conure

Nandy conures are the attractive creature of the conures family. Their native homeland is South America, and they are also perching in the US and Israel.

Whether you are searching for a festive bird or a calm friend, it is a suitable option. But how can you keep them as pets even if you do not know anything about them?

nanday conure

You have to carry on reading this informative blog post if you want to know about Nandy conures. So let us get started.


This medium-sized conure is the favourite creature for all human beings who love birds. Some of its personality traits present below.

These green birds do not possess a proficient talking ability like an African grey, but they can mimic some words. They like to learn human vocabulary and speak the learned words frequently. They also intimate whistling.

Nandy conures are very energetic and demand a high energy level from their master. They love to spend time with the humans and their owners. They are very friendly birds of human beings and can be tamed easily.

They are a perfect learner. They can learn different tactics and tricks to perform in front of people. You have to give consistent training to teach them anything. If you provide rare lessons to them, they forgot the previous tactic.

Sometimes, Nandy conure became aggressive towards those people who do not give attention or appreciation to them. Because of their heavy beak, they can injure any person during their angry time. So make sure to provide them with proper attention and appreciation.


Without a proper diet, they cannot live and face severe health issues. So you have to maintain their good eating habits with the help of a pre-decided diet chart. The top food present below that you should feed to your Nandy conure.


When you start to raise your Nandy conure in your captivity, you need to feed pellets to them. These are nutrient-rich food with some essential seeds. The sixty to seventy percent of conuresā€™ diet should consist of these commercial pellets.

Fruits and VeggiesĀ 

With pellets, you should add some fruits and vegetables to their daily dietary food. They love to eat them because the greenery tends to give them a delectable taste. Beans, potato, broccoli, snow peas, yam, beet, cabbage, and pepper are their favourite vegetables. On the other hand, fig, papaya, melons, mango, plum, banana, berries, and grapes are their best-loved fruits. They also like to eat kale, parsley, collards, mustard, and chard.


As humans, water is the basic necessity of a conuresā€™ life. So you should provide clean and fresh water for their drinking purposes. Try to keep a bowl in their cage that contains enough fresh water so that they can drink whenever they want. Also, make sure to change the water after some time to avoid a stinking smell from it.

Harmful Food

No doubt, every food cannot be beneficial for everyone. The same is the case with conures. There is some food which is harmful to these conures. Sugared products, alcohol, salty food, oily foods, fatty food, cured meats, chocolate, caffeine, and avocado should not added to their diet chart.


In captivity, it is caring that assists nandy conure to live more than their average lifespan. There are some things involved in their caring, which explain below.


They require a moderate temperature to live healthily. The range of 21oC to 27oC is the best for them. The above and below temperature from this range can obstruct their healthy living style.

Cage SizeĀ 

The length of a cage for one nandy conure is 24x24x30 inches with 3/4 inch bar spacing. You can arrange a giant cage from this length according to the size of your nandy conure. But do not choose a cage below our provided length. Otherwise, the conure can face problems in perching.

Bathing RoutineĀ 

These loving birds love water. They want to bathe daily. Therefore, you should give bathe daily. You can place some water in their cage. If you do it, your nandy conures start to wash frequently to keep them fresh and clean.

Feather and Nails CuttingĀ 

Clipping of their nails and flight feathers is crucial to keep them easy and comfortable. It also helps to away them from infection. This cutting process can perform after every two months. The great choice is to call a professional for clipping to avoid your nandy conures from any injury.


The average lifespan of a nandy conure depends upon two factors; care and diet. If they take enough food and receive proper care, they can live up to 25 years old. The two main places decide the life years of Nanday conures.

The first and foremost place is wild, where they are free. No one cares about them. Sometimes, they do not get food to feed. They also become fall prey to predators. So they face an early death during their living in the jungles. Their average lifespan in the forest is approximately 20years.

Secondly, they spend their lives in captivity. They have caring masters who maintain their health by providing care and diet. It helps to prevent them from any disease that becomes the cause of their death. Therefore, they can live more than 25years in captivity.


If you are thinking of purchasing a nandy conure, you have to spend approximately $300 to $600. This price is mostly for hand-raised nandays.

To buy these conures is not enough; you have to purchase a cage, accessories, and chewable toys. Without these objects, you do not keep conures happy. In addition, you have to change chewable toys regularly. So it becomes very costly.

If you are still buying such an expensive species of conures, you can get them from any renowned bird store or breeder.

Summing UpĀ 

In sum, Nandy Conures are attractive birds, and anyone can fell in love with them. These conures prove a perfect companion for any bird lover. So you can buy them if you feel lonely and want a birding partner for you.

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