Albino Goldfinch: Everything you should know about these birds.

In this article we offer information about this unique bird as is the albino goldfinch or also called white goldfinch, over time there have been several mutations of this species and this is the result of one of them, the goldfinch is a bird that can become more than a pet, a companion. This species … Read more

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Chlamydia, also known as psittacosis or chlamydial infection, is a disease caused by a bacterium, called by its scientific name as Chlamydiophila psittaci. This condition affects birds, especially parakeets, parrots and pigeons. But it is also a serious zoonosis because the disease is in fact transmissible to humans. Contents1 What is it?1.1 Symptoms1.2 Diagnosis1.3 Treatment2 … Read more

Feeding of the golden eagle, everything you need to know

Find out what is the feeding of the golden eagle to prevent this type of bird from becoming completely extinct. Join us in maintaining the species. If you like animals and you are curious to know how to feed a golden eagle read our article. In it you will discover what is the type of … Read more

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The Spoon-billed Duck is a bird that is constantly traveling through different regions, where in America they are resident during the breeding season. In the following article we will know a little more about this species of duck, how it feeds, what is its food, where they are located and much more. Contents1 The Spoon-billed … Read more