The Cockatiel, everything you should know about this species.

The cockatiel, or also called carolina (Nymphicus hollandicus), is a species of psittaciform bird, cockatoo family, is the only one belonging to the genus Nymphicus. Its name in English is Cockatiel. In a type of bird that its origin is from Australia and is one of the birds commonly used as a pet because of … Read more

The Firebird, a creature of Slavic mythology

The Firebird (Slavic mythology) according to its legend, is a magical bird that shines brightly in distant lands, it is also said to be a blessing as well as a curse for whoever manages to capture it. In today’s article we will expose in detail the whole story behind this mythological creature. Contents1 Legend of … Read more

Domestic duck: characteristics, breeding, feeding and more

The domestic duck is a waterfowl of the subspecies anseriformes, belonging to the family Anatidae. This friendly fowl is found all over the world. Read on and find out all the information about domestic ducks . In this article you will find all about the domestic duck , a bird quite charismatic and nice, one … Read more

Do you want to know what is Picus Viridis? Learn it all here

The European Green Woodpecker, scientifically known as Picus Viridis, is a species of woodpecker which belongs to the family Picidae. In the following article we will know more details about this peculiar bird and its natural environment. Contents1 The Picus Viridis2 Description3 Plumage change4 Taxonomy5 Significance6 Song7 Lifestyle8 Distribution and habitat9 Systematics10 Feeding The Picus … Read more

Black-Capped Conure

Blue-capped conures belong to the quietest family of conures. With their inquisitive and calm nature, they are popular among breeders and homeowners. With their brownish-black crown and patterned neck, they have an aesthetic look to allure human beings. The native homeland of blue-capped conure is the Southern Amazon Basin. Their breed is in danger due … Read more