Decorator Cage Covers

As bird owners, we purchase gaily colored toys to intrigue our companion animals, yet many of us resort to old blankets for cage covers. Instead of throwing an old blanket over the cage, why not create a lasting and beautiful cover that will not only brighten your bird’s cage but also coordinate with your home? … Read more

Adopting An Older Bird Can Be Wonderful

Statics show that the average parrot may have up to 7 owners in his/her lifetime. Due to changing circumstances in their lives, some parrot owners may need to look for new homes for their pet birds. Some of the more common reasons pet birds are offered for sale are: a change in the family such … Read more

The Annual Well Bird Exam

An annual Well Bird Exam is a very important part of monitoring the health of your flock Birds will often show few signs of illness in the initial stages of disease. Early signs will often be very subtle and may be easily missed. By the time that obvious signs of illness are present ( a … Read more

Portable Power: Affordable Ways to Beat Mother Nature

This has been the mildest Winter that I can remember in the Northeast. Today is a clear sunny day in March. Nonetheless, there are gale force winds blowing and we have been without power since early this morning. According to the last automated bulletin from our infamous power company, they have not even dispatched a … Read more

The Fab Four Fables

Our family consists of my wife Carol, me and six birds, a green cheeked conure, Pistachio, a dusky conure named Orville and four umbrella cockatoos, Ashley, Murphy, BeBe and Mickie. Unlike the conures, which we purchased as babies, all four umbrellas were adopted as older birds. They came to us, each with his own problems, … Read more