Determining Your Bird’s Sex

Wouldn’t it be nice if all species of birds could be visually sexed? Unfortunately, nature was unconcerned about us humans when many of the bird species evolved. A bird’s sex is often a well kept secret, known only to the bird and perhaps others of it’s own species. Some species’ genders are easily identified. Male … Read more

Grains: Delicious and Healthy Too

Grains are a blessing for bird owners. They are that rare combination of a nutritious food which birds also love to eat! There are many varieties of grains, each providing somewhat different nutritional values. As a group they are low in fat and packed with proteins, complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. And prepared properly, birds … Read more

Pairs: Bonded, Proven or What? A Definition of Terms

There are many loosely defined terms describing pairs of birds. However, the meaning of these terms becomes very important when buying or selling birds, especially for breeding purposes. Confusion as to the meaning of these terms can lead to a buyer purchasing the wrong pair of birds.Pairs fall into three main groupings: Pairs, Bonded and … Read more

Water Bottles: Convenience With A Price

Are you tired of changing your bird’s water constantly? Do your birds make soup out of their water? Do your birds use their water dish as a swimming pool? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, then switching to water bottles may be the answer for you. Water bottles give bird owners … Read more

Sprouts: Nutritious and Easy to Grow

Sprouting seeds, beans, peas and grains are a natural and healthy way to provide nutrition to your birds. In addition to being an excellent source of amino acids found in living plants, they provide variety in the diet (texture, color and taste) and can become favorites of many birds.Sprouting is easy to do, once you’ve … Read more