Cockatoos: A Bit of Heaven on Earth

‘Cotton Candy’, ‘Pink or White Clouds’, ‘Bundles of Fluff’ – How does one describe a species of birds which seem to have come to us straight from Heaven? White, pink or black with magnificent erectable crests, COCKATOOS are the affectionate and softer cousins of the vibrantly colored, magnificent Macaws. Cockatoos are native to Australia and … Read more

Feather Mutilation

Feather plucking or shredding is as frustrating for the bird owner as it is for the companion bird. There is nothing more dreadful than returning home to find the bottom of your bird’s cage filled with feathers. The guilt that pet bird owners feel is not unique. The unanswered question….”Why is my bird doing this?” … Read more

Bountiful Weaning: Secret to A Happy Bird

I have been using a bountiful weaning concept combined with intensive socializing on my African Grey babies for many years. I believe these techniques are instrumental in producing babies that are well behaved, social, independent, curious and unafraid. It is the encouragement of these much desired traits that enables birds to become good companions, resulting … Read more

Determining Your Bird’s Sex

Wouldn’t it be nice if all species of birds could be visually sexed? Unfortunately, nature was unconcerned about us humans when many of the bird species evolved. A bird’s sex is often a well kept secret, known only to the bird and perhaps others of it’s own species. Some species’ genders are easily identified. Male … Read more

Grains: Delicious and Healthy Too

Grains are a blessing for bird owners. They are that rare combination of a nutritious food which birds also love to eat! There are many varieties of grains, each providing somewhat different nutritional values. As a group they are low in fat and packed with proteins, complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. And prepared properly, birds … Read more