Parakeet genders – How to sex a parakeet

A parakeet is a fascinating species that belong to the parrot family. From small to medium size, they are available in a variety of colours. Their species have a long tail that is known as their specific characteristic, which gives a distinction from its other fellow beings to us.

Whether you are planning to buy parakeets or have purchased them, to give a name is an arduous task because you have to choose a name according to their gender. Here, the question arises how to identify the genders of the parakeet for fulfilling named purpose and how to sex a parakeet.

Suppose you are also probing the answer to these questions. Do not look further! In this article, we will explain some tips for parakeets’ identification and their sex procedure.

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So let us get started!

Determine the sex of a parakeet

It is the most important step to give a name to this feathered friend. You have to observe the age of the parakeet for sex determination because these two factors are interrelated to one another. With older age, the sex reveals very quickly as compared to the early age. But take it easy. The five major steps present below to determine the sex of a parakeet through age.

Notice the cere of parakeet

For determining the sex of a parakeet, you have to determine the cere of a parakeet. If your parakeet is under one year, wait until it gains the age of one year for noticing the cere.

Cere is the first thing to observe the sex of a parakeet. Before the 12 months of age, the parakeet has the same colour as cere, so it is indistinguishable. After completing one year, the male gets bluish cere while females have white colour. So after the age of one year, you can apply this method on your parakeet for gender distinction.

Observe the Size of parakeets 

How to sex a parakeetThrough the size of the parakeet, you can also determine their sex because they have a little bit of difference in their appearance.

Male parakeets have a larger body as well as heavyweight as compared to female parakeets. The size of the head of a male parakeet is greater than the female head. Also, keep in mind that feathers are also enormous in male parakeets, but female parakeets have not much larger feathers.

Check the feet of parakeets.

Besides cere and eyes, feet are also affected by hormonal changes and allow you to watch their changing feet through age to identify sex.

At the age of 12 months, the legs and feet of the mail parakeets turn to bright blue colour. On the other hand, female parakeet feet tend to become pinkish or brownish by reaching one year. It is the simplest process that evolves steadily.

Detect noise or sound ability 

Another way of detecting the sex of parakeets, listen to the sounds of the parakeets very carefully because both produce different voices.

Male parakeets have a very higher voice than female parakeets. Also, they tend to chirp or sing for a long time. The voice of the female parakeet is a little bit smoother and not stentorian. Male parakeet chattering when they need a female parakeet. Otherwise, they chirp or sing in a light mood. So you can easily get to know that which is the gender of your parakeet.

Discover the behaviour

Behaviour is the key feature to detect the gender specification among parakeets. By noticing their behaviour, you can easily identify the male and female gender in parakeets.

Male parakeets are rotating their heads and tapping their beak against the cage very frequently. On the other side, female parakeets are a little bit aggressive. Before matting, male parakeet loves to sing while female parakeets seem confused or flustered.

How to sex a parakeet? 

There are several ways in which a parakeet can perform to sex. Some methods are complicated, and others are not. The top sex technical method explains below, which assist you in understanding how to sex a parakeet.

technicsThe first and foremost step is to choose two parakeets having different gender for sex. Make sure that they have age above one-year-old because they get sexing after one year of age.

Secondly, after purchasing two different genders, ensure that both have good health. For this purpose, take your parakeets to the veterinarians for a proper check-up and follow the vet’s instructions if they recommend following.

Thirdly provide a spacious cage for the sex of the parakeets. For sex, they start to create bonding with their opposite gender. They usually choose parakeets of similar colours and patterns to sox. So provide them with similar colour parakeets for sex.

Fourthly, after strong bonding, they start sex. Provide a wooden nesting box in the cage because female parakeets lay their eggs secret after sex.

Fifthly, place a concave dish inside the cage of the nesting box. Parakeets use this dish to lay eggs or baby parakeets after hatching because it is a safe dish.

Further techniques for sexing of Parakeets 

The two most preferable and technical methods of their sexing explain below to give you a different idea about the sexing of parakeets.

DNA Sexing 

It is one of the best methods of parakeet sexing. For this purpose, you have to utilize feathers or eggshells and go to the vet to give the sample. These feather or eggshells contain nucleated cells of your parakeet. DNA testing detects the ZZ sex chromosomes in male parakeets or ZW chromosomes in female parakeets. This sexing or breeding method is less dangerous than blood sexing.

Endoscopic Sexing 

This technique is quite useful as well as costly. Through this system, your parakeet bears an anaesthetic and place under the endoscopic equipment. It helps the veterinarian see the internal organs like the reproductive system of your parakeet—the advantage of this method that you do not need to wait for one year for parakeet sexing. The disadvantage is that it can harm the internal body and waste a lot of money.

Final Thoughts 

The only purpose behind this piece of writing is to inform you of different methods or techniques regarding the sex of a parakeet.

Now you can implement the technique mentioned earlier to identify and procedure the sex of the different parakeets.

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