Parrot varieties: you have to know them, you will be surprised.

How many varieties of parrots do you think there are in the world? Parrots are fascinating birds, as they are nowadays very common as pets; in fact, they can be found almost everywhere. However, if you like to know more about this curious bird, you should know that there are different varieties of parrots.

Although all parrots belong, practically, to the same family, there are several species, or varieties of parrots. For that reason, we will show you in this article, some varieties of parrots that, we are sure, will fascinate you.

In addition, another factor you should keep in mind is that all varieties share common habits and characteristics. For example, there are varieties of parrots that can learn to talk, while others can imitate sounds; or do both at the same time.

There are also parrots of different sizes; as well as different colors, although green is the most predominant of all. On the other hand, if you take into account their habits, you will be able to raise a parrot successfully; besides, you will be able to have one as a pet. Of course, you must know very well what kind of food it should have, in addition to its breeding habits, among others.

If you take into account all these factors, you will be able to realize that having a parrot is something that will make your life happy; besides learning to distinguish the varieties of parrots that exist; in this way, you will also know what kind of parrot you have as a pet.

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Next, we will show you some of the varieties of parrots that exist around the world. Pay attention, because you might have one of these varieties at home.

Know the varieties of parrots

As we mentioned, the varieties of parrots that exist belong to the same family. The Psittacidae include not only parrots, but also parrots, and in the same way, they also include the varieties of macaws and parakeets; and even parakeets.

Something that distinguishes the different varieties of parrots is that they live mainly in tropical areas. That is why they are very common to find them in these areas. In addition, they are birds that can be domesticated. In general, they are very good fliers and, thanks to the shape of their legs and beak, they are also excellent at climbing or climbing branches or trees.

Let’s look at some varieties of parrots that might catch your attention. Let’s start with the yellow-faced parrot . This variety lives in the Amazon rainforest. Therefore, it is native to the Americas. In spite of this, this bird is found throughout the continent: from Mexico to the south of Ecuador; but it is in Brazil where there is a population that lives in isolation.

This variety owes its name precisely to its colors. It is also called yellow-cheeked parrot, red-fronted parrot or chojín. This bird measures between thirty-two to thirty-five centimeters and can weigh about four hundred and eighty grams. Although its plumage is green, it has a red forehead and yellow cheeks. From there it derives its name.

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The gray yak: a fascinating parrot variety

The gray parrot, or red-tailed grey parrot, is one of the varieties of parrots that inhabit Africa. Although in some countries of the world its commercialization is prohibited, for being an extremely intelligent bird, it is usually extracted from its natural habitat to be sold as pets.

This bird requires all the attention of whoever owns it, as it is extremely intelligent; studies even reveal that it has the intellectual capacity of a child. For this reason, it is best to let it live in its natural habitat.

On the other hand, the yaco or gray parrot measures one thirty-three centimeters; its beaks and nails are black; and as its name reveals, its plumage, in essence, is gray; with the exception of its tail, which is usually red. They are very long-lived birds, as they can live more than fifty years.

These birds can be different, since they inhabit the African continent, at least two varieties are derived: the West African and the East African yak. The major difference between these two is essentially the size.

It is considered an exotic bird, so it is highly sought after for domestication. In addition, it can learn to speak, and adapts very well to humans; although, as mentioned above, in some countries its commercialization is prohibited.

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Another of the varieties of parrots that are interesting is the variety of the rainbow lori . This one belongs to the parrot family; and its habitat is located between New Guinea, Indonesia; as well as in Australia, Vanuatu, Timor and the Solomon Islands; all these islands located in the Pacific region.

This species has about twenty subspecies, making it the largest of its kind. Now, as its name indicates, this variety is distinguished, above all, by the tonality of its plumage, which follows a pattern similar to the colors of the rainbow. Although it can live in almost all types of habitats, it is most frequently found in rainy jungle regions, but it can also be found in scrublands, wooded areas, as well as coastal areas.

This variety measures between twenty-five to thirty-two centimeters long. Of course, the size will vary between each subspecies. Its food is based on fruits, although it also consumes seeds and some types of insects.

Its nests are found in the hollows of trees; and it lays two eggs, which it incubates for about twenty-six days.

As you can see, these are just a few varieties of parrots. Although there are many more varieties, you can also learn more about these animals by researching a little more about them.

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