Red Factor Sun Conure

Do you love conures? Do you want to keep them? Do you have a craze to spend time with this attractive creature?

If yes, Red factor sun conures are the perfect match for you. Their native homeland is Hawaii. They have beautiful physical traits and personalities. After noticing these features, anyone can become the fonder of these sun conures.

In this informative section, we will take a deep dive into the life of a red factor sun conure. Keep on reading if you want to know about them.

Red Factor Sun Conure

So let us get started!


Like all other species of their family, they are gorgeous with extensive personality traits‚ÄĒsome of the characteristics of their personality present below.

These reddish conures do not possess strong talking abilities. It is tough to find a red factor sun conure that sputters. If you still want to listen to something from these conures, you have to provide regular training.

Besides inability in talking, they can mimic some sounds very efficiently. The sounds of doorbells, telephone chimes, microwave buzzers, daily grind, treadmill, and barking dogs are their favourite voices to repeat.

The behaviour of the red factor sun conures is very serene and calm. They love to interact with human beings and make a strong bond with a human in a short time. They quickly fall in love with their master and stay loyal to him/her.

They are brilliant birds that can understand any instructions from their master. You can also train them. They can learn various tricks or tactics. After training, they get a grip over those tactics and perform frequently.


It is an essential thing to live alive for birds like human beings. The most important thing to remember is that always provide clean, chlorine-free, filtered, and fresh food whether it is in the sold or a liquid form‚ÄĒthe top list of their favourite food present

Fruits and vegetables 

Red factor sun conures require many fruits and vegetables in their daily diet plan. Carrot spinach and peas are their best-loved veggies. On the other hand, apple, mangoes, and berries are their favourite fruits. You should add this dietary food into the food chart of these incredible conures.


Without pellets, the diet of the sun factor conures remains incomplete. It mostly makes sixty to seventy percent of their daily food. With these pellets, you can add some fortified seeds to give them a delicious taste.

Fresh Water 

It is a necessity of life for all red factor sun conures. Without fresh water, they can face immediate death. So make sure to add a considerable amount of fresh water in their cage so that they can drink water whenever they feel quench.

Prohibited Foods 

Some of the foods are proved very harmful to red factor sun conures. Avocado, fruit seeds, chocolates, caffeine, and alcohol are some primary prohibited foods for them. You should also avoid fatty foods to add to your diet.


The caring of red factor sun conure is crucial to keep them alive in captivity. Some of the points present below show how to care for a red factor sun conure.


They need moderate temperature. If you establish a climate between 650F to 800F in their cage, it is good. But the sudden rise and below of these values can create different problems for your adorable red factor sun conure.

Cage Size

The cage should be spacious for them to flex their wings freely. The ideal size for their cage is 30″W × 30″D × 36″H. When they get a large cage to live in, they cannot get irritated and do not want the freedom to go any other place to fly.

Bathing Routine 

These mesmerizing birds love to bathe daily. So try to fulfil their desire to bathing. But to make sure that always use a Luke water with no chlorine for the bathing purposes. And waste the remaining water after bathing them.

Nail and Beak Trimming 

The trimming of red factor sun conures’ nails and beaks should make on time. It is necessary for their excellent hygiene. Another thing to keep in mind that hire a professional to do this task; otherwise, these birds can face a severe injury.

Clipping Flight feathers 

Last but not least, clipping flight feathers is necessary because it helps avoid infections from ref factor conures. To start this process, call an avian veterinarian to get beneficial advice related to clipping feathers. On the other hand, go to the clinic of an avian professional to complete this task.


The life span of the red factor sun conures depends on where they live and how they are spending their lives. Whether they are getting enough food and shelter facilities or not. According to these points, their lifespan differs.


In wildlife, they can enjoy their lives for 25 to 30 years because they cannot get proper facilities to live in the forests.

In captivity, they have the stamina to live their lives for 30 to 35 years. They get benignant food, a spacious place, and mental stimulation toys. These things play an indispensable role to increase the time of their healthy living.


The price of red factor sun conure is very high. There are two main reasons behind it. First and foremost is that they are scarce in this world. Second many breeders do not like to breed these conures due to low demand because of their expensive rates.

According to the approximate idea, red factor sun conures are available for purchase worth $700. It is just a starting price. The sky-high range of this bird is approximately around $1500. So we can say that they are very costly compared to their fellow species that are available only for $50 to $150.

Concluding Thoughts 

In a nutshell, we say that red factor sun conures are the loving creatures in the family of parrots. No doubt, they are not present in the more significant amount, but they are still trendy. Many people tend to purchase it with huge money. If you are also one of those who can afford them, this article has proved beneficial for you because we have explained every aspect of the red factor sun conure’s life. Hopefully, you enjoy reading this article.

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