Which are the smallest parrots? TOP #5

Parrots are the most admirable creature for bird lovers due to their fascinating color scheme, aesthetic personality, unparalleled charm, and affectionate nature. If you understand their basic needs, you can make them your adorable pets.

If you are a little bit confused because of the larger size of parrots, your worries are not more because God has created a variety of parrots that available in small sizes.

smallest parrots

In this article, we are going to explain some smallest parrots’ species. Keep on reading if you want to get benignant knowledge about the smallest parrots before buying them.

Small African Grey Parrots 

Timneh African grey is a small parrots that has 10 inches in length from head to tail. Their bodies are covered with dark gray shade. They have an intense red tail.

Congo African grey has a size of 12 to 14 inches. They have light gray plumage with a scarlet tail to attract bird lovers.

Both the above types have similar personalities. They have a quite shy nature and become nervous shortly in the early days of their interaction. After some time, they readily become very sociable and love to interact with other fellow species or human beings.

They are the best talkers and quick learners. They start to perform diverse actions promptly. So you can train them in a very few days. They do not create much noise as compared to the other species of small parrots. These parrots can prove the best choice for those people who like a tranquil environment.

Small Green Parrots

Small Green ParrotsPacific Parrotlet parrots are a species of green parrots that have a maximum size of four to five inches long. These small parrots are the close cushions of Amazon parrots. Their native homeland is Central and South America. They have a bright green color. They can only speak few words and are not much talkative. They require a lot of attention. If you cannot provide proper care, you should not buy them because they face various diseases or death due to the carelessness attitude of their masters.

Spectacled or pocket parrotlet is another species of small green parrots. They are only five inches tall. They have light green color that also becomes lighter at the end of the tail. Their personalities are full of energetic acts. Cuddling and tricking are their favorite hobbies. The best feature is that they cannot get easily caught by diseases. So you can grow them as pets without not much attention.

A short-tailed parrot is the third species of small green parrots. Their average length is about 9.6 inches long. Their natural habitats are mostly found near the Amazon River. They have a very short tail, and their name comes into existence due to this short tail feature. They have light greenish feathers. They are very noisy and happiest birds. They are very rare due to their poor captivity of them in the world.

Small Red Parrots 

Chattering Lory is a species of small red parrots. They can become tall up to 12 inches or 30 cm. These small red parrots belong to Indonesia. From beak to tail, red color is dominant on their bodies. They always chatter as their name suggests this characteristic. They are very noisy and have annoying moods. The sad thing about them is that they are disappearing from this earth due to the poor captivity.

small red parrot

Moluccan king parrot is a small red parrot having 14 inches in length. Their red color feathers make them more aesthetic. They are very humble. They like to play with their owners. They have a quiet nature. So it will be the best choice for you if you live in an apartment.

Crimson Rosella is a small species of red parrots that have an average size of 10 to 14 inches. They have a dark reddish color on their bodies with a little bluish shade. Taming these small red birds is very easy. They do not like to cuddle but prefer to play with their caretakers. They cannot talk a lot but can whistle well.

Small blue parrots 

diferent types of small parrotsBlue Pacific Parrotlet is the smallest parrot which is a maximum of four to five inches long from head to tail. Because of their small size, they can be suitable for those people who have not enough space for large pets. This blue mutation requires a large amount of attention for its maintenance of health. Exercise and a healthy diet are two components to stay safe and sound.

Blue budgerigar parrots are the smallest parrots having six to eight inches in length. Their bellies, chests, and heads are covered with a bright blue color which fascinates people. Whether you are experienced in caring for pets or inexperienced in dealing with birds, you can easily manage them. For decades, they are the popular pets among breeders and bird lovers.

Small yellow parrots 

Yellow Lutino parrots are one of the species of Pacific Parrotlet yellow mutation. With 4 to 5 inches in length and one ounce weight, they are lovely creatures. They are very wise and energetic. They require a lot of attention, care, and dedication to maintain good mental and physical health. Pocket parrots are the second name of small yellow parrots.

Yellow Budgerigar is a species of Budgerigar small parrots. They are six to eight inches long with one-ounce weight. The brilliant yellow color body presents a soothing visual sight, and they have a friendly nature. They like to play with their fellow budgerigars and caretakers. They are also known as a parakeet. In the world of parrots, they are the most beautiful species of parrots.

Summing up  

This article comprises a list of small grey, green, yellow, red, and blue parrots with their sizes and identical characteristics. If you have read all the above content, you have chosen your desired small parrots to buy. The next step is to find breeders that can provide your favorite small parrot to you. For this purpose, you can visit any pet store near your home.

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