Strawberry Finch

Are you a bird lover? Do you love to play with pets? Do you like to hear the birdsongs? Do you need a friendly bird?

If yes, strawberry finch is the best choice for you. This fascinating bird can attract the attention of anyone. You can fall in love after seeing strawberry Finch at your first sight.

Strawberry Finch

With lucid red color and round brownish tail, Strawberry Finch belongs to the Asian region. Red Munia, Amaduvade, Red Avadavat, and Avadavat are some other common names of this strawberry Finch. Amanda amandava is the scientific name of this songbird. They belong to the Estrildidae family and Animalia kingdom.

Originally, the Avadavat came from Ahmed, a city of Gujrat, India. Avadavat or Strawberry Finch had introduced before 200 years ago in India. Now it is chirping approximately around the globe.

Let’s discover some essential information about Strawberry Finch.

Diet of Strawberry Finch 

Without a proper diet plan, you could not maintain the health of Strawberry Finch. Some important feeding food of Avadavat presents below.


Seeds are exceptional food for Strawberry Finch. They like to eat seed grasses. Make sure you are buying quality seeds from a renowned store.


The favorite food of Strawberry Finch is insects. Worms, termites, waxbill, and ant pupae add to their daily diet

Vegetables and fruits

They cannot live without vegetables and fruits because they provide energy to them. Lettuce, Broccoli, Carrot top, Spinach are essential greens for them.


Make a pellet by mixing baked eggshells, charcoal, crushed cuttlebone, and limestone and feeding them regularly.

Some other foods 

Biscuits and eggs can also feed them but rare times. Add fresh water to quench their thirst. Feed some vitamin supplements to fulfill the requirement of vitamins.

Caring of Strawberry Finch

If you do not care about your Avadavat, it can face a brutal death. Some factors which are indispensable for their caring present below.

Large cage

Provide them a spacious cage for their living. Try to make the cage of Strawberry Finch free from overloading toys. You should leave enough space for their walk. The walk is the best method for their exercise. Exercise keeps them healthy and well-being.


Place wood pieces, a blade of grass, coconut fibers, and feathers to provide them a natural environment that helps to increase their mental strength. Their mental stimulation is very crucial for their active lives.


Strawberry Finch lives at a moderate temperature. They require substantial heat in winter to maintain their body temperature. Their cage should be moisturized. The sunshine should be accessible to their nests for plumage.


Make sure to purchase them in pairs because they live happily with their fellow beings. They love to play and eat with similar species.


For good health, bath strawberry Finch daily. It assists in standing off stinking smell from their tiny bodies and do not feel wrong with them. Try to provide enough water in some dishes. It will help them to clean themselves after some time.

Nails trimming 

Always trim their nails after some days. If you do not do it, nails can prove dangerous for themselves and for yourself too.

Breeding care

During their breeding season, take care of a lot of them. They become aggressive but provide necessary things for their playful activities. It aids in shifting their mood.

Personality traits of Strawberry Finch

personalityThe tiny strawberry finch or Avadavat is three to four inches long from head to tail. Therefore, the approximate weight of this species is nine grams.

Their natural habitat is on the blades of tall grass, which is near to the water. You can also make them your adorable pets.

They know how to protect their nests from other species. However, they show some anger towards those species that try to devastate their nest.

From the starting of the winter season to April, their beaks convert into a dark black color. Finally, in the summer, their beaks become red. This color-changing quality is astonishing in these birds.

They are able to reach their sexual maturity at the age of eight months. Then, by clutching four to six eggs, they start to breed. The incubation period is approximately is twelve to fourteen days.

Strawberry Finch has a vivid brown color when they are out of their breeding season. However, during their breeding period, the females have white speckles, and the males’ plumage starts to be red.

They have a calm nature. But they get aggressive in their breeding months. They start to harsh the other species.

Their reproduction is not an easy task. Therefore, many breeders follow a lot of cautions for the breeding of Strawberry Finches.

They are also known as a songbird. Their voice is so sweet and soothing. If you love to hear the voice of birds, these strawberry Finches is very suitable for you. But remember the critical fact that is only male strawberry finch can sing. The females are unable to sing a sweet melody.

Life Span 

The average life span of a strawberry finch is approximately seven-year to ten years. This short life span can increase by giving proper diet and caring. It would be best if you also took them to the veterinary doctor. By timely diagnosing a disease in these strawberry finches, you can lessen the risk of their death in their early years.


Do you not have a big budget but willing to buy a strawberry finch? Do not need to worry about the price. You can get a red avadavat or strawberry finch in just eighty to a hundred dollars. If you live in Asian countries like Pakistan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Java, Cambodia, parts of Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, China, you can quickly grab these attractive birds from any renowned pet store.

Wrapping up

This article explained the origin, name specifications, diet plan, caring, personality, lifespan, and personality traits of this beautiful bird.

Hopefully, you have gotten a more profound understanding related to Strawberry Finch and decided to buy it.

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