Top 10 Types of Conures

Conures are the special species of the parrots’ family. They have a humble and affectionate nature. Because of their playful and comical behave, they have become the point of attraction for the homeowners and kids.

Some conures have one color or others have a rainbow shade with seven colors. Some are very loud and others are quiet. Some have peaceful nature but others have a frisky and aggressive mood. These all above-mentioned characteristics vary according to types of conures.

type of conures

Let us take a deep dive to know about the top ten types of conures.

Sun Conure

They belong to South America but present around the globe now. Sun conures are one of the favorite birds of breeders. Their life span is between 25 to 30 years old.

In their twelve inches bodies, they cover a combination of blue, green, red, and yellow colors. These color pellets make them incredible and adorable birds. With their amiable and friendly nature, they want human interaction.

They can provide you perfect security because they start to make noise when someone comes to your home or knock on your door. They also warmly welcome their owners with their sharp vocals. If you do not like too much noise, you should not buy them because they love to make noise.

Jenday Conure

Jandaya parakeet or yellow-headed conures are some other names of Jenday conure. They are natives of Brazil. Their average life is about 25 to 30 years old.

They have a yellow head, green feathers, orange-red belly, and greenish-blue tail. These five blended colors make them aesthetic and soothing for the eyes.

They have many similarities with sun conures. They want the attraction of their possessors. They require time for playful activities. They are also quick learners, and you can easily teach many tricks to perform for your pleasure.

Nandy Conure

They are close cushions of sun conures. Their native homeland was South America. They can enjoy their lives for 25 to 30 years.

They have blackish heads and green bodies. So they cannot attract you with different colors because of their dull colors. But they have charming personalities to get your attention.

They demand the attention of their keepers. If you do not talk or play with them, they become very noisy. Due to their irritation, they start to destruct different things. If you have a small apartment, you should not purchase Nandy conure as a pet.

Blue Crowned Conure

As the name shows, blue-crowned conure has bluish shade on their heads. All bodies have greenish colors. Their tails have red and pink hues that seem very attractive.

From tail to head, their length is approximately 14.5 inches. Shared tail conure is another name of blue-crowned conure.

They are very intelligent and talkative. After proper training, they can perform several tricks to make your kids happy.

The average life of blue-crowned conure is 25 to 30 years old. These conures are not suitable if you live in an apartment.

Maroon Bellied Conure

They are the natives of Argentina and Brazil. They are small conures approximately ten inches from head to tail. Their age span is about 20 years.

Because of their maroon belly and tail, they are known as maroon-bellied conures. Their neck and breast have a greenish-yellow color. The wings have a greenish shade.

They do not create noise like other conures. They do not like to talk much. If you want to purchase them, you can easily get them from breeders.

Green Cheeked Conure

final conureIn the families of conures, green-cheek parrots have the shortest life tenure that is only 15 years. Their body is about 10 inches in length.

With a green body, maroon tail, blue feathers, and grey breasts, they are the colorful conures that seem so beautiful.

They are very loving and sweet-natured birds. They are very energetic and know the art of how to entertain human beings with their incredible actions.

They are not talkative. They tend to keep quiet and not screeching. If you live in an apartment, these green cheeked conures are the best choice for you.

Dusky headed Conure

Because of their green body and grey head, they are known as dusky-headed conures. Their average life span is above thirty years.

They are less demanding because of their dullness of colors. But they still can create fun with their attractive personalities.

Dusky-headed conures suit to apartment dwellers because of their peaceful nature. Even your children can feel entertainment with them in a peaceful environment.

Cherry Headed Conure

They are called cherry-headed conure due to their cherry-colored head. They have a reddish shade on their neck, wings, and thighs.

They have about thirteen inches of length of their whole bodies. They have the ability to live in forests as well as in cities.

They are very noisy and not a good suggestion to buy for those people who love to live in a serene atmosphere.

Queen of Bavaria Conure 

The second name of the queen of Bavaria is golden conure. In the whole body of the queen of Bavaria conure, golden color is dominant.

They are very rare because of their unique personality. If you feel lonely, these golden conures can prove your best companions.

Because of their fascinating coloring scheme and sweet nature, they are very expensive. You can only buy them if you have a larger budget.

Red masked conure

The name of red masked conure came from their red color of its head and all around the other body parts.

They have a medium body size. They can live their lives for at least 30 years.

They love to make noise. Their vocal sound is extremely beautiful and they start to speak your spoken words very quickly. They love to mimic your speaking style. They are also not suitable for apartment dwellers.

Final Thoughts 

In the pets market, a wide variety of conures is available that are diverse in color, sizes, vocal, and personality characteristics. We have explained the top ten types of conures with their complete features. We hope this article will assist you a lot during your choosing process of a conure for yourself.

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