Types of parakeets: Get to know them well and learn how to distinguish them

Parakeets are preferred birds as pets. There are those who are lovers of these animals, so they decide to breed various types of parakeets. It is for this reason that, if you want to know more about the types of budgies that exist, you have to keep reading this. You will see that you will be impressed by what you can learn about them.

As we already mentioned to you, there are several types of parakeets. These birds, although they live in the wild, in recent times they are used as pets. Therefore, there are those who are in charge of breeding and selling them, as this results in a very profitable business. Learn here all about the types of parrots that exist.

So, if you are a parakeet lover, we will show you the different types of parakeets that you can find, as well as some of their habits. This way, you will have more knowledge about them, and you will know how to breed and keep them. I also invite you to see this article about Nests for Birds that will surely interest you.

Although it may seem easy, the truth is that you have to be very careful when raising various types of parakeets. Although they share characteristics and habits, these vary in the types of parakeets that exist .

Types of parakeets: get to know them well

There are several types of parakeets or parakeets, as already mentioned. However, although they are all of the same species, and share common habits, there is always something different between the different parakeet breeds found around the world.

The most common of all parakeets is the Australian parakeet , also known as common parakeet . In this case, the common parakeet has a yellow mask, although it can also be white. In this mask it has about six spots ranging from black or pearl color; as well as two gular spots that are violet or even blue.

The color in general of these kinds of parakeets is uniform; in addition, there are common parakeets in various shades of colors such as green, blue, violet or gray. In addition, the types of Australian parakeets , on the head, back, as well as the neck and wings, also appear black ripples on a background that will be equal to the shade of the mask. The tail feathers have a dark blue color, even black. As for the legs, these are of a gray tone; in addition, the eyes are black but with white irises. There are blue Australian parakeets, yellow Australian parakeets and more.

Now, another type of parakeet is the light parakeet .Now, light budgerigars have two types of budgerigars; these are the dilute budgerigars , as well as the gray-winged budgerigars .

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As for the former, these species of parakeets are so called because the color is diluted in contrast to the color of the common parakeet; thus, the color of these parakeets are yellow, white with blue or gray shades. In addition, the undulations are usually light gray, as well as the gular spots. On the other hand, the tail feathers are gray; however, the legs are flesh-colored. In the case of the males, these small parakeets have an intense blue waxy color; but as for the females, their tonality varies from white to blue or dark brown. I also recommend you to see the best Hopper Feeders for Canaries and Parakeets

Meet the Gray-winged Parakeets

This is the second kind of light parakeets. Gray-winged parakeets are of other types of parakeets that are characterized as exotic. These types of parakeets have a mask that can be yellow or even white. On this mask there are six pearls that are gray in color; it also has the two gular spots, which are usually pale violet in color.

The undulations in this bird are usually of the same pale gray form; and the background on which this color goes is the same as that of the mask. The remiges are gray and green; or gray and blue. This may vary. The tail feathers are pale gray.

In the case of the males, these have an intense blue waxy; on the other hand, the females this changes or varies, since it goes from a white with blue tonalities, to dark brown.

On the other hand, another variety of parakeets is the light-winged parakeet . In this case, the mask will be yellow or it can also be white. In addition, the six pearls it possesses may be very pale gray; but it may not even have them. In the case of the gular spots, these are violet.

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The head, as well as the neck, back and wings are usually the same color. For this reason, the undulations are not very noticeable; but they may also be missing; it may also happen that the mask is of the same color and may be slightly noticeable.

As for their legs, these can be grayish or also dark pink. To distinguish the male from the female, it is necessary to know that this one has the waxy of strong blue; but in the case of the females, this can vary, having diverse tonalities of blue or even of very dark brown.

As you can see, these are just a few variables of the different types of parakeets that can be found around the globe.

Although they are from the same family, you should keep in mind that not all budgies are the same. As you can see, there are certain differences between them that are distinguishable at a glance.

One of them, as we saw, has to do with the colors of their plumage, as well as the color of their legs. In this sense, to recognize, then, any type of parakeets, you must be attentive to their different colors.

Although you can have several types of budgies, it is best to keep them separate. This way, you will be able to preserve the different varieties of budgies that you may breed.

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