Types of Parakeets

The word “parakeet” means “long tail”. Parakeets belong to the family of parrots. They are smaller to medium-sized parrots which are mostly found in the various regions of Australia, South America, Europe, and New Zeeland. They are very social and intelligent. They are very playful exotic birds that like to climb and chew something every time. Before discussing the top nine types of parakeets, let us discover their interesting history.

History of Parakeets

Parakeets present on this beautiful earth from very ancient times. In 72 A.D, Pliny the Elder who was a Roman scholar wrote about parakeets in his book “Bird Care.” In 327 B.C, Alexandrine’s parrot discovers which named on the name of Alexander the Great. In 367 B.C, a Greek physician told about Parakeets in his book “Indica.” So we can say that parrots are the colorful birds that are as old as humans on this aesthetic land.

type of parakeets

Types of parakeets

Parakeets have many species which are further divided into their subcategories. Size, colors, and shapes are three main factors that help to identify the different types of parakeets. The top 15 types of parakeets present below.


Budgie or Budgerigar are common pets that are available in every pet store. Green, Blue, and Yellow are some popular colors of budgerigar. With the evolution in breeding technology, parakeets are available in every color now.

They love to live in flocks or pairs because of their friendly and playful nature. You can also give a proper training of speaking and completing a variety of tasks to them. Their life span is between five to ten years. They are not much expensive. You can purchase them if you have $10 to $35.

Monk Parakeets

The second name of Monk parakeets is Quakers. With grey abdomen, yellow beaks, and bright green body colors, they are stupendous birds. They belong to South America. Their average life span is between fifteen to twenty years old.

They are very talkative, and this feature makes them great companions of human beings. If they live in the forest, they tend to make a nest for themselves. They like to play with toys. Sometimes they become aggressive during their playful activities.

They are very much expensive. If you want to buy monk parakeets, you must have a budget ranging between $600 to $700.

Plain parakeets

Their homeland is South America but they are popular kind of parakeets which present all around the world these days.cockatiel parakeet

They are very sweet birds with glossy green feathers. Their feathers have different colors hues like lime or Kelly green. Their life span is approximately 15years old.

No doubt, they are not colorful, but they can make your life colorful with their adorable personalities. They feel shy when they interact with strangers but start to interact with them after a while.

If you want to buy these sweet and charming plain parakeets, you can buy them for a budget between $50 t0 $100.

Lineolated parakeets

They are also known as barred parakeets because of the barred on their feathers. With the bright green color, they have blue color under their feathers. White and turquoise colors also appear during their captivating span. They are smaller in size normally having six inches only. Their lifetime is about fifteen years old.

Because of their sweet voices and fun creation abilities, they have grabbed the attention of homeowners. Breeders are also trying to breed parakeets with diverse colors. With the range of $70 to $100 budget, you can easily buy barred parakeets.

Alexandrine parakeets

The name of Alexandrine associates with Alexander the Great. Their native homeland is Pakistan where they are known as “Raw Toota.” They can enjoy their life for thirty years.

They have tropical-colored bodies. A black or red color ring present around their necks that looks like a necklace. They are not so talkative and become frisky during their playful activities.

They are very foody and can eat a diverse variety of food. The cost of these Alexandrine parakeets is between $500 to $1500.

Mustache parakeets

China and Indonesia are two major regions that have mustache parakeets in their different regions where they live in the form of flocks.

They have back colors above their beaks which seems like a well-grown mustache. They have yellow and green hues on their backside. They are very talkative and love perching on your shoulders.

They can eat different foods and high-quality pellets. Their life span is about 20 to 25 years old. If you have $250 to $1000, you can easily buy them from any pet store.

Bourke’s parakeets

Burke or Bourke are native of Australia. They are very quiet as compared to their other kinds of exotic parrots.

With pink belly, neutral spotted wings, and purple patterns, they are very stunning pets. With the dimphoric features, males and females distinguish due to the blue ring around the eyes. Males have a blue band, but females have not. Their life span is between eight to fifteen years old.

If you want to purchase a charming Bourke’s parakeet, you must have a budget above one hundred and fifty dollars.

Brotogeris parakeets

With a maximum of eight inches of length of their bodies, they belong to South America. They are very energetic and intelligent pets. They love to play with humans.

They are present in green color. The color of the chins and wings of Brotogeris parakeets vary from yellow to white.

Their life span is between ten to fifteen years old. You can buy them from a pet store with a budget of $400 to $500.

Blue Indian ring-necked parakeets

They are native Indians and have fascinating personalities. The blue striking color of their whole bodies and black ring around their necks makes them more attractive.

They are very talkative and acquire emotional attachment with their owners promptly. They love to play with toys. So provide enough toys to them for play.

Their life span is approximately thirty years old. With a budget of $400 to $500, you can get blue Indian ring-necked parakeets.

Wrapping up

From blue to green colors, we explain the top nine main types of parakeets. We also provide the budget range and personality traits of parakeets. So now you can choose any parakeet for buying according to your budget and personality traits of parakeets that you like.

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