Which are the Smartest Parrots?

The idiom “bird brain” is used for that person who has not enough intelligence, but it does not comprise any fact. Nevertheless, specialists’ research proves that birds are the most intelligent creature after human beings.

Parrots are one of those talented living beings that belong to the birds. They not only possess talking ability but also solve puzzles very well.

smartest parrot

Let’s take a deep dive to know about the most intelligent parrots.

The Top Ten Smartest Parrots 

No doubt, parrots have a diverse variety of species related to their talent and wisdom. So it is impossible to describe the intelligence features of each parrot that are present in this fascinating world. However, the list of the top ten brilliant parrots presented below will help you identify and purchase the best parrots for yourself.

African Grey parrots 

With a greyish body and reddish tail, the African Grey parrot has excellent intelligence on this planet. It is considered that their wisdom is equal to the knowledge of human children.

They can identify different shapes like a pyramid, square and hexagonal, etc. They can learn the concepts of null and zero. They can colour recognition.

You can teach them several communication games to create a strong bonding of you with African greys. They are a little bit quiet but want mental stimulation every time.


Macaws are clever parrots who have a deep bluish body colour with yellow lines around the eyes. Their ingenious compares with the human toddler.smart macaw

They love to solve problems and talk to other similar species. They are very talkative birds with a higher level of sounds.

They mimic the voices of humans to show their brilliancy. They can also perform various tricks for the amusement of their masters.

Eclectus Parrots

This Eclectus parrot is a small species of the green family of parrots. Like the above species, they also possess specific intelligent characteristics.

If you teach them how to speak, they can learn different words. They love to talk with fellow birds and human beings too.

They can accomplish diversified tricks and tasks. In addition, they are very friendly and like to show their intelligence in front of others.

Amazon Parrots 

They hold sharp features and wisdom. During captivity, they memorize a lot of words spoken by human beings. They say those words in such a way that anyone cannot recognize them whether they are human spoken or parrot spoken.

They have the capability to learn entire songs and some phrases, but it is dependent on their interaction with human beings. They are curious birds and commit exploratory functions based on logic or reasons.


They have the exceptional characteristics of intelligence and ingenious. They are primarily found in the Australian region.

They are experts in the identification of different kinds of objects. It shows that they have strong thinking abilities.

They have a talkative nature. They are also experts in mimicking the human spoken words or phrases after hearing them.

smart cockatoo

They have an incredible voice. They learn music very quickly. They start to sing musical lyrics in such a way that they are familiar with melodic beats and rhythms.


The other name of budgie or parrot is a parakeet. This tiny parrot engrosses many exciting and intelligent features in its personality.

Their wisdom matches with the seven-month-old human child. You can train them to perform various tricks and tasks.

They are also able to talk as their larger species. If you make them pets, they love to have a long partnership with you.

Indian Ringneck Parrot

This sixteen inches long parakeet or Indian Ringneck parrot has not much different from its fellow parrot species.

It is a fact that they cannot mimic the voice of a human being, but they still have the capacity to produce a soothing voice. In addition, they can learn approximately 250+ words.

They can also train in the temples of India by Indian monks. After completing their training, they become mystical birds.

They show multiple mood swings according to the situation. For example, if they do not have enough tools for their mantle stimulation, they become aggressive.

Monk Parakeet 

The second name of monk parakeet or parrot is a quaker parakeet. They possess extraordinary talking abilities as well as cognitive abilities.

If you speak something, they pick it up immediately. They start to mimic great words and present a proper context after arranging all words. Even after hearing any songs, words, tones, or phrases on your TV, they catch them quickly and start to sing them with no difference.

They are not only intelligent in speaking but also have architectural wisdom. They make their nests and establish an intimate relationship with their fellows as human beings. They also have excellent analytical and puzzle-solving skills.


Whether you have a Jenday conure, green-cheek conure, or sun conure, they all belong to the genus of parrots. They have a mixture of orange, red, blue, and green from their head to tail.

In their tiny bodies, they have intelligent brains. However, they need a lot of attention to soothe the desire for mental stimulation.

They are very social and demand a more extensive set of stimulating toys to keep busy with their brilliant brains. They exercise to maintain their physical as well as mental health. They show that they are the most intelligent birds through their activities in front of humans.


It is also known as an Alpine parrot. Keas live in their natural habitats, which are situated in the New Zeeland.

They can solve puzzles with the help of their logical thinking. They also have significant probability and judgment characteristics.

They can find hidden treats based on their intelligence. They can adapt to any environment according to the different research studies.

Summing Up

Parrots are excellent birds to keep as pets. They can become your perfect companion because of their intelligent features.

In this article, we explain the top ten types of most brilliant parrots. Hopefully, you have gained knowledge related to the most intelligent parrots from this informative blog.

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