White Grouse: Description, Feeding, Breeding and more

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The white cock is an interesting breed product of several crosses of roosters of different breeds, such as the white rooster or different breeds of fighting cocks. For this reason, it is important to know the characteristics of the white cock, and it is important to take into account that, as far as its breeding system is concerned, the techniques are varied, and cock breeders have their own techniques to improve this breed. So let’s get to know a little more about these fighting birds. Read on and find out what is a gyro rooster and all about it.

Description of the white black grouse

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The white turn rooster, as its name says, is due to the coloration of its feathers, which are basically white. The breeds used are the Spanish fighting rooster, as well as the white rooster and the Hatch twist rooster, I recommend you to see: Rooster Feathers.

The breeds of white gamecocks are one of the large sized roosters. This means that they are large roosters, measuring a little more than fifty centimeters long, and some specimens reach a wingspan of more than one meter, their crest, sometimes can be upright, while at other times it can be fallen to one side. Although the feathers are white, sometimes it can have feathers of other colors, all in the light color scales.

As already mentioned, depending on the crossbreeding, it can be totally white, although there can be a white spotted turning cock. It is, on the other hand, a strong rooster, with large spurs and are able to fight in flight or with the chest.


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Because it is a fighting rooster, its feeding must be adequate so that it can develop the muscles and strength necessary to become one of the best. So, the right food will contribute to make this rooster a winner.

For this reason, to know what will be the right food for the fighting roosters gyros, it is necessary to consult with an expert. In these cases, prepared food is the best option, since it contains everything that the white fighting cock needs for its own well-being.

It should be taken into account that the food of the white gyro rooster must have both proteins and minerals and vitamins for the growth and fortification of its bones, as well as the strength of its feathers and muscles.

That is why the integral development of the fighting gamecocks will depend on their good nutrition. However, in addition to this diet, it is also necessary for the white fighting rooster to eat fruits and other types of food.

It should be borne in mind the types of roosters turns are omnivorous birds. So they are able to forage for their own food, and eat fruits and other vegetables. In these cases, it is good to keep a varied diet proportional to their training and care.

Care and prevention of diseases

Diseases are very common in roosters, and the white turn rooster is no exception. For this reason it is important to prevent any disease affecting these birds.

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For this, it is necessary to take a series of important measures for the protection of the white turn rooster, as well as the environment of human beings. One of the most common diseases is distemper. Sometimes, when not treated well, this can be a fatal disease.

So giving it the necessary food, as well as medication, but above all, keeping the environment clean, are necessary measures so that the white turn rooster can stay healthy. In this case, it is necessary to keep the pen clean, this requires daily cleaning of the droppings, as well as avoiding humidity. In addition, the pen must be well ventilated; and very importantly, avoid overcrowding.
In addition, in case the bird is sick, its medicines can be given together with the food; or mixed in water.

Another moment that requires more care is the feather change. This is a very delicate moment, since it is the time when the white cock is at its weakest. In fact, it is recommended not to use the animal for fighting, because it will probably lose it.

gallo giro blanco
In fact, the rooster will shy away from the fight, seeking to get away from the fight, because he knows he will receive a lot of damage.


The reproduction of the white turn rooster occurs with hens of fine breeds, especially with hens of the Spanish breed; or with other hens of fighting breeds. The truth is that each rooster breeder, as well as each breeder, has his own ways, or ways of combining the roosters with the hens so that these reproduce the white turn rooster.