Why do Crows Gather?

Crow belongs to the genus Corvus, which is collectively known as corvids. From medium to large size, crows are present in any corner of the earth except Antarctica. So whether you live in the United States or Mexico, you can find them to perch.

If you observe crows carefully, do you notice that they gather in a bunch at any place? Do you ever try to probe the reasons behind these unusual behave them? Are you confused because you could not find any fact about their gathering?

crows gathering

If yes, do not worry. Because in this article will explain the top possible reasons based on research that why do crows gather.

So let us probe the causes of crows’ gatherings!

For Roosting 

why do crown gatherThe research of different aviculture experts tells that crow gathers in a large number of groups for roosting.

Do you never know what roosting is? It is a phenomenon regarding the sleeping of crows. Crows love to roost in the gigantic form with their other fellows.

For roosting, they mainly select a dark and calm place. By creating boisterousness, they invite the other huge groups of crows to sleep. So we can consider it is the first and foremost reason behind their congregation.

Because of roosting importance, we will further explore how crows plan their roosting in larger groups.

The Daily Commute 

Firstly, they fly high to find a roosting place for such an enormous group. This flying practice is too much higher than normal flying activities. With their caw caw, they invite more crows. When this group expands to more than 100 crows and finds a roosting location, they slowly start to fly down to the exact place.

Staging Phase 

In this phase, crows lower their flying altitude. Then, they start to gather in the roosting place. Treetops, roofs of buildings, and the ground in the urban or semi-urban area are their favorite spots for roosting. So if you find thousands of crows in these locations, it is 100% surety that the purpose behind their gathering is only sleeping.

Roosting Phase 

Now, after gathering, they accomplish the roosting in this calm place. After 2 to 3 minutes, you may notice that they have gone to their beautiful dreams and sleep. After some time, when they awake, they will again fly off from another place. The interesting information is that their roosting location never changes for many years until someone changes the environment of their roosting site.

For Safety Measures 

The predators of crows are hawks, owls, and eagles. These dangerous species kill the crows and eat them.

So they tend to congregate for safety purposes. They immediately start cawing on seeing the predators. Because of their colossal gathering groups, they easily protect themselves from any danger.

For Warmth 

It is a universal phenomenon that when many human beings gather, the temperature starts to increase slowly because of their high traffic.

The same case is with the crows. Whether it is winter or autumn, they commute to those place where many crows have gathered. They feel warmth in these locations.

For Exchanging information

Furthermore, another reason for the get to gather of crows is the exchanging of the benignant information.information

Researchers think that they share different kinds of information with their fellow beings. Even though a non-specialist cannot understand their language but a researcher can. If you are also interested to learn about the languages, there are different courses available. You will be incredibly able to understand their talk after completing these language courses. Moreover, this ability will prove that crows gather to exchange informative material with another.

For Food 

Like all human beings, food is the primitive necessity of crows. Therefore, another reason for their grouping is the food source.

They go to those places where they find enough food to remove their hungriness. Insects, worms, or cold-blooded creatures are their favorite food, and those areas full of these feeding objects are their favorite place to congregate.

For Funeral 

If you observe the hundreds of crows at a place, it may happen because of the murder of any crow. Like humans, these birds have also organized a funeral ceremony on the death of their fellow.

In this ceremony, they mourn. In addition, crows try to explore the death reason of a specific crow and find the predators.

Furthermore, they also plan how the remaining crows can save them from the existing predator and how they can demolish this alarming danger.

After Migration 

These days, you mostly see thousands of crows in the urban areas, not in the rural areas. So the reason for their gathering in the city places is that they migrate in many groups from one place to another site.

In an urban area, they get more food. Also, crows feel safe because they can quickly identify their predators in the lighting. Therefore, they live in the form of large groups after their migration.

Some Frequently Asked Questions 

The two top questions asked by the bird lovers are present below to assist you and solve your confusion related to these crows.

How many years can a crow live?

According to a research study, the approximate age of crows is between seventeen and twenty-one. The astounding fact is that many baby crows face brutal death during the incubation period. However, if they survive after their birth, they get a pretty good chance to enjoy their lives for several years.

Are crow and raven the same? 

No doubt, they look very similar to the crows, but the fact is that these are two different species. From size to voice, these two birds have possessed totally different features. However, after a bit of study, you can easily distinguish between a raven or a crow.

Concluding Thoughts 

The only purpose of writing this article is to inform you of the reasons behind their enormous gatherings. We also cover some other aspects about the crow life and similar characteristics with a raven. We hope you have gotten beneficial information about crows from this informative blog post.

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