Why is my Cockatiel Hissing?

Cockatiels are the most beautiful creature that belongs to the cockatoo family. The native homeland of the Cockatiel is Australia. Quarrion is the second name of the Cockatiel.

Do you know that these incredible parrots have won the award of being the best household pet and the long-lasting friend of their masters? Because of this reason, it is an honor to have these companionship parrots at home. But it would be best if you also took care of them to keep them healthy and happy.

But sometimes, several pet lovers and homeowners are confused because their cockatiels are hissing. If you are also one of those bird lovers who are worried about the hissing of their cockatiels, do not worry now because you are in the right spot.

cockatiel hissing

In this article, we will take a deep dive into cockatiel life to get to know the reasons why cockatiels are hissing?

So let us get started!

Reasons behind the hissing of CockatielsĀ 

Often, cockatiels produce sibilant sounds known as hissingā€”the top eight reasons for their hissing present below.

In troublesome moodproblems

The first and foremost cause of hissing is the angry mood of cockatiels. They start to hiss whenever they are distressed, disturbed, irritated, or scared.

Most of the newborn babies of cockatiels tend to make this displeasing noise. Therefore, if you find a hissing, check their body and nest. If they face any problem, you should be trying to get rid of their panic voice by applying different calm strategies to them.

To protect their nestĀ 

Secondly, female cockatiels mostly initiate hissing sounds to protect their nest. When someone gets close to their nest, they behave like this.

From their disgusting hissing behave, they attempt to get off the predators or scavengers. When those predators do not leave their nest place, cockatiels become aggressive toward them. At last, predators depart from their nest through their aggressive vocals.

In LoveĀ 

Although cockatiels show hissing behavior during their frustration yet, they also hiss during their lovely mood. This fact indicates that hissing not always take as a negative emotion of cockatiels, and it may be a positive feeling.

Hissing is considered as their courtship ritual. But, of course, you will wonder to know that Cockatiels are also bobbing and singing during their lovely hissing.

During EatingĀ 

It is a general phenomenon that humans as well as animals hiss. The same is the case with the cockatiels. For example, suppose you are eating, and someone disturbs you. Will you like this behave of others. Of course not. So cockatiels also demonstrate their anger through hiss after seeing anyone near them, whether they are familiar or non-familiar with them during the eating time.

But this hissing behave is a little bit different in baby cockatiels. The babies hiss when they eat their food entirely and happy with their meal. So their hissing voice is not much intensified. It is a little bit quiet. So it is also a positive sign in baby cockatiels.

Untamed cockatiels hissĀ 

An untamed cockatiel is not yet interacted with human beings. So when they see any human being around them, they become afraid. As a result of this scared, they start to hiss.

Very first, they take the initiative to escape from their cage. Then, if you do not stop to touch, cockatiels will show some anger. Then, at last, they inaugurate the hissing voice to demonstrate that if you do not leave them, they will surely bite you.

This untamed behave usually happens when you go to buy cockatiels or have newly purchased them. Therefore, the best solution to get rid of these untamed behave is to tame them as soon as possible.

At BedtimeĀ 

Another reason behind their hissing is their bedtime routine. When you start to dim lights and cover their cage from a piece of cloth, they hiss.

The further reason for their bedtime hissing is that they become frightful from the night. Second, when they see the shadow of the cloth, they become frightful and produce noise. The third is that they do not want to get rest and want more interaction with you.

Therefore, if you will demolish these specified reasons, you will surely get rid of the hissing behavior of cockatiels.

Nasty Things in a cageĀ 

Sometimes, the bird lovers and homeowners get worried about the hissing of their cockatiels. The reason is that you put some nasty toys in their cage, and they become annoying.

They hiss to show their angriness. So to solve this problem, you have to remove the presence of these toys that they do not like.

To stay aloneĀ 

Last but not most minor reason is that cockatiels tend to create hissing when they want to stay alone. This is because they do not want to get the interaction of any person.

You can only solve your query when you leave them alone. Then, after some time, you feel that cockatiels are not hissing and have come to their everyday mood.

How to stop them to hiss?

how to stopFirst of all, you have to identify why cockatiels are hissing. After determine the reasons, you have to solve them. You have to provide positive reinforcement to your cockatiels instead of punishing them.

You can reward some of their favorite food to encourage them and stop their hissing. Leaving your cockatiels alone is another solution to stop hiss. You can also praise cockatiels for creating hindrance in their hissing behavior.

The free tip is that you do not worry if your cockatiels hiss very often. You should take it easy. But if they commit this action daily, you should notice and provide them comfort by eradicating their problems.

Final ThoughtsĀ 

In sum, we can say that it is not an astounding behave by your cockatiels. Almost every bird gets involved in this panic activity. But you should be happy that you can get rid of this problem.

The only purpose of writing this article is to inform you of the substantial reasons and provide solutions. We hope you have gotten beneficial knowledge from this piece of informative blog post.

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