Hahn’s Macaw

Are you an obsessed with macaws and would like to include another one in your bird collection? Maybe you should try the Hahn’s Macaw, one of the most beautiful variants of this species.

What is a Hahn’s Macaw?

Also known as the red-shouldered macaw, or diopsittaca nobilis, it is a species that inhabits the plains, savannas and marshes of Peru, Venezuela, Bolivia, Guyana and Brazil.

diopsittaca nobilis

It was first described in 1758 by Carlos Linneo in the tenth edition of his work and is the only member of the diopsittaca genus of macaws.

Is it that beautiful?

For a macaw it is true that its size is not very large, as it measures between 30 – 35 cm and can weigh up to one kilo of weight. She has no sexual dimorphism, so to determine her sex, DNA testing is required.

It has a long, narrow tail with a large beak. Its body is covered with bright green feathers, with some area of darker, bluer feathers in the head area, as well as near the beak area. The green feathers of its tail and wings are duller in the inner zone. His shoulders are covered with red feathers when he reaches adulthood. Their eyes are orange, and the area near their beaks is free of feathers.

Two subspecies are recognized:

  • Diopsittaca Nobilis Cumanensis: Also known as the noble macaw cumanensis, which is a bit larger. In addition, the top of its beak is flesh-colored. The bluish coloration of his forehead and crown is somewhat lighter.
  • Diopsittaca Nobilis Longipennis: Measures about 35 cm, making it larger than the cumanensis and the nominal species. Otherwise, it is almost identical to the nominal species, but with a slightly duller green color on the underside of its body.

Is there anything else known about this species?

It’s a bird that happens to be quite nervous and shy. On the other hand, if it is a bird that has been bred in captivity since birth, it soon gets quite confident with its owner, presenting a curious, extroverted and playful character. Besides, he’s also very affectionate with his owner.

Currently, due to the destruction of its habitat, the indiscriminate hunting for trade and the exploitation of this species for its fame, buying it in shops is illegal and can only be obtained from a breeder who has the appropriate certificates for sale. Its cage has to be large in size and made of a strong material like stainless steel, as its beak is strong enough to gnaw at the wood without any problems.

red-shouldered macaw

The diet of this species consists mainly of ripe fruits and seeds, and can also eat harder seeds, vegetables and oleaginous fruits such as sunflower seeds, peanuts and nuts. But don’t overdo the latter, as you may have liver problems.

Unlike the Jacinto Macaw, this is much easier to breed, especially if it is bred in captivity. Therefore, for those breeders who are new to the field and have never tried the reproduction of a species, they should opt for this species. Turning your aviary or cage into the ideal place for breeding is not complicated and you will hardly have to do anything to take care of the chicks, as the parents will take care of them.

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